What Now?

Well, it’s been days since the disaster in Japan, and unfortunately things just keep happening. Right now there are aftershocks and problems with the nuclear reactors. At this point keeping up with the disaster in Japan is getting difficult, with many media sources choosing to make it sound worse then it is to draw attention, and Japanese authorities and TEPCO currently not talking about how the situation is developing. I’m still worried about my boyfriend’s cousin. As far as I can tell, she appears to live close to reactor where this happening, and at this point the one who I’m trusting for information about the reactor.

Though many people are starting to ask what this means for anime and the blogsphere. To be honest, I have no idea. I’ve left some not serious comments on Scamp’s blog regarding the topic, (and the I think he’s the only blogger who would let me leave the comments I do without banning me or something), but none of them reflect what I think will really happen. I would have thought that anime this week might have been delayed, but I guess with minimum damage to Tokyo, there’s been no reason to delay any anime, and everything has continued to air as normal. I also haven’t heard an announcements of spring anime being canceled yet either, so we’ll just see there. I think Japan wants to return to normalcy as quickly as possible, so unless things get really bad, I doubt the anime industry will be impacted that much, and if it is impacted, it will be in spring season. Edit: See Scamp’s comment, and ANN’s post about what anime is delayed/cancelled. In short terms, no Dragon Crisis or Kore Wa Zombie Da? this week. Edit 2: More delays are coming in. Madoka is delayed.

Regarding the blogsphere and me personally–I’m not reliant on currently airing anime, and have a lot of older anime that I’ve been meaning to watch. This blog has never been particularly anime centric, so it’ll carry on regardless. I wouldn’t worry about other bloggers either, as I think most if not all are passionate writers, and will always have something to write about.

I was noticing in Psgels shoutbox that there is a person that feels it’s disrespectful to keep on blogging anime while there’s been a disaster, and to be honest, it is a nagging thought with me if it’s okay to be doing it. At the same time, it doesn’t make sense to just shut down and stop blogging either. There’s just a couple things. 1.) If I were to shut down and stop blogging, I think that would give off the sense I was ignoring Japan and that’s not what I want and 2.) as much of a sense of normalcy as possible in a terrifying situation is a good thing. People thrive on it.

That said, it’s easy to carry on as normal when I can hide behind a computer. I have a con coming up where I’m suppose to be on a panel and talk about anime, and I don’t know how I can talk about it when there’s this horrible disaster that’s just hit Japan. “Hi, my name is Janette, and I’m here today to talk about anime. Anime comes from Japan, which we’ve all heard a lot about lately…”

Wishing the best for Japan right now.


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9 responses to “What Now?

  1. Let’s hope things don’t get much worse than they already are. According to what little real data there is, radiation levels in Tokai are about the same one would get from a commercial flight and even the workers at fukushima plant haven’t gotten enough radiation to affect their health.

    I’m relying on finnish nuclear authority who have been on high alert from the start of this thing and talked about worst possible outcomes in every interview. It got to the point that finns bought out all iodine tablets they could find even while there’s no way anything happening at fukushima could concern people here. I guess people just remember chernobyl too well.

  2. Listen to the latest ANNCast. The main problem with continuing making anime is the power shortage and blackouts in Tokyo. That’s effecting anime production way more than any direct impact the earthquake and tsunami had

  3. I expect that it will take a few weeks or even months until anime production be stable from the effects of the earthquake… Nevertheless, I still pretty concerned about the earthquake since it probably hit home to many people in the blogosphere or even family who has relatives out there… I hope for the best with Japan and hopefully they will come out strong with the many countries who are willing to help.

    Also, I wouldn’t say that blogging about Anime would be disrespectful since the country needs the support of people… just take a consideration to the disaster to avoid offending people in this sensitive situation.

  4. How could blogging about anime be disrespectful? I don’t understand that sentiment at all. Yes there’s a crisis, and yes, it’s awful, but…I’m doing my best to not focus on that because if I do I’ll spend all of my time feeling terrible and that’s not productive at all.

    I’m running a panel on anime blogging at a con next weekend, and I’m still looking forward to it despite what’s going on in the world.

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