Pokemon Black and White Day 8

Short post is short.


After struggling with Elesa, I decided I’d take Clay more seriously, and trained up a couple Pokemon that would be strong against ground types but didn’t intend to keep in my party. And it was all…pointless. Mardi Gras slurped up his first and last pokemon with Giga Drain, and then Wash just high jumped kick the steel/ground one, ending the whole ordeal.  After it was over, Clay asked me to meet him in Changestone Cave.

But I bumped into Bianca, and she gave me fly, so Clay ended up waiting. I taught it so Ugly, as I don’t really have a slew of flying pokemon to choose from, and flew back to Professor Juniper’s lab to get False Swipe and Protect.

Getting back on track, Clay opened up the cave–called Changestone Cave–for me, and then I run I get kidnapped by these ninja and carried to N. Yeah. Team Plasma doesn’t just have knights, it apparently has a trio of hardcore ninjas! N, despite the kidnapping thing isn’t quite so creepy as before. He just wants to know that you’ have been chosen, and that your friends suck. Also, he’s the one who set up the web, and human’s ruin everything. Oh, and everyone is waiting in the back of the cave for me to beat up! Sounds like fun. There’s more pokemon too.


Rosie, female. Named after a classroom pet, may she RIP.

Professor Juniper and Bianca also barge in. The Prof is here to study Klinks, and Bianca is here to protect her. Also, there are a bunch of trainers running around. How long have they been trapped in here?


Giriu. I love the Japanese name too much not to.

Anyway, that’s where I ended for the night.



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One response to “Pokemon Black and White Day 8

  1. Yi

    That first image is lovely. Anyway, so many new pokemon. It’s so hard to keep track of them all.

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