The Producer and Writer of Family Guy, Alec Sulkin, is Digusting

And thus while I never did, I definitely never will watch Family Guy/The Cleveland Show/American Dad unless this guy is fired.

This is the stupidest thing that I keep hearing over and over. Among many many other points the people who died and are suffering in Japan aren’t even responsible for Pearl Harbor.


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13 responses to “The Producer and Writer of Family Guy, Alec Sulkin, is Digusting

  1. Noobmage

    The “funny” thing is by his own standard, every single americans deserve to die because of what happened with Indians (and pretty much any human since we could associate about any nationality with some crime somewhere…)

  2. Anonk

    It was more in reference to how many people died, not the pearl harbor responsibility. Besides, he took it down once he realized a LOT more people are dead. No big deal. It’s not enough to fire someone over words on a twitter.

    • It’s a reference to how we shouldn’t feel bad because guess what, hurr durr, Japan bombed us, way back when, even though we killed more Japanese and won said war!

      And it’s not enough to fire someone over words on twitter? Tell that to Aflec duck guy. I’m sure he’d appreciate it now that he’s been fired for his dead Japanese jokes on twitter.

    • I saw this…guh, people say/write/tweet some stupid thngs.

      And…huh? This is obviously a poke at Japanese responsibility for Pearl Harbor and a “you get what you deserve” jab.

      And…what? So…if only 2,000 people died in the disaster, the tweet would’ve been okay? Numbers dehumanize people. It’s a catastrophic even, for sure, but every single death was significant. Comparing two events with such massive losses of life in the manner he did demonstrates such a lack of humanity, kindness and compassion. It’s shameful.

  3. The idoicy…but you know what, Shintaro Ishihara one upped him…so I don’t care what this guy says.

  4. You know how some people call this divine punishment / karma for whale fishing/ Pearl Harbour? I hope this isn’t true, because the USA should be scared shitless if Pearl Harbour alone causes a 8.9 Earthquake and tsunami, along with several other earthquakes. . .

  5. I agree, the tweet is very insensitive. I could even say that it was pretty offensive for him to say that, especially when people are affected by this disaster. What if a disaster happened in the United States or anywhere else in the world, would it still be right to make a joke about it. No… It’s extremely unforgivable and he should be ashamed of himself as he is the lowlife of humanity.

  6. AndrewFoose

    I agree for three reasons:
    one: ‘m sick of all the Pearl Harbor comment
    two: at a minnimum, the rescue efforts have to be finished before jokes about this are funny (it would be like joking about the Kennedy assassination while his body was still warm, only moreso)
    three: I don’t find Family Guy all that funny, so it could use a new writer.

  7. Joe

    This guy is a cunt and Family Guy has always been terrible.

  8. jenifferjones

    Fox needs to make an example out of him.

  9. Yi

    Wow, what an insensitive ass…

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