Pokemon Black and White Day 7

Spoilers behind cut blah blah blah

Elesa’s gym is downright awesome. A roller coaster that even has a loop de loop. I think I spent more time on the roller coaster then doing anything in the gym because I was enjoying it so much. I really underestimated Elesa though. Her lackeys were easy, but for the first half where she healed her emoga twice, I was getting through by the skin of my teeth. And then I remembered Serenity had stealth rock. After that, all I had to do was kick back with healing items.

When that was said and done, it was time to hit town. We bump into Cheren, who, Cheren being Cheren, wants to battle. He went down easy though. Bumping into the Champion boogieing with street fair seems to cause a bit of a breakdown. Apparently he’s getting a little power hungry. Oh dear.


Elesa calls the gym leader for the next town over, and now I can cross a bridge that I couldn’t before! On the bridge there’s a little mini-game where when I hear a bird cry, Sparkle goes after a bird shaped feather, steps on it, and usually get an item. Occasionally a pokemon appears though. Let me say, I don’t know if it’s the OCD, but to me, the game is horribly addicting.  Can’t. Stop. Chasing. Feathers.

Ugly, male.

Upon arriving to Driftveil City, guess what we have to do next! What we do in every city Pinky, defeat Team Plasma! Yeeah. Driftveil City’s citizen all speak with a southern accent, and I feel like I’ve landed right in the middle of Applejack’s family.

This is Applejack. She has a huge family. Dammit, just watch the first episode.

Blah blah blah, find and defeat Team Plasma, blah blah blah Clay (the gym leader’s response) is to turn around and let them go. Wait, what?!? I feel so unappreciated…

Sprinkles, female. I think that's what it could use. 😀 Remember--always thinking about food.

Me being me, I decide to go off and catch Pokemon before taking on the gym leader.

Kobato, female. The flower on her head reminded of Kobato's hat.

Heading north, there’s a season research facility looking for a Deerling. Bring them one, and the guy has an intellectual orgasm. But come back the next day, and there’s a really cute Deerling walking around the lab. I thought that was pretty cute.

Acrobat, male. I was thinking of the acrobats from "A Bugs Life"

What’s keeps you from advancing is a Galvantula nest that only Clay can deal with–apparently Clay is the only one who can do ANYTHING around here. I was hoping for a bad-ass sprite of a Galavantula, but instead we get a blob that’s suppose to be a nest. Thanks GameFreak. I’ll just go prep for the gym now.

Pokeball, male. I wasn't creative, I know, but I don't like to eat mushrooms. He's so cute though.


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5 responses to “Pokemon Black and White Day 7

  1. Thanks for another B&W entry ^^

    I had trouble with Elesa when I played the Japanese version of Black, mostly because I didn’t have any pokemon good against Electric types. But yeah, Stealth Rock would have been really handy with all her switching with Volt Change. Why didn’t I think of it back then? XD But I beat her easily this time with my Druddigon and Stoutland that knows Dig.


    What is that pony picture from?
    I see those damn things everywhere D:

  3. Handily beaten her with Sayaka (Samurott) very easily… All I did is spam Razor Shell and OHKO her Pokemon.

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