Why I Love/Loved Madoka Magica

Scamp recently did a post pointing that Madoka is coming to a close soon, and that while it could have a glorious ending, it also could completely tank. Thus he wanted the post out there to remind him, should the show tank, there was a reason he loved the show. I thought that this was a fabulous idea, fabulous enough that I wanted the same little memo for myself in case the ending tanks.

Yeah. This is NSFW under the cut.

What bites about getting photos off tumblr is I don't know where they come from.

1. The Yuri Undertones

Oh the yuri undertones. There’s so much subtext–in the final battle between Sayaka and Kyouko, the two form a heart–that if anyone wants wants to ship the characters together, there’s plenty of reason to, yet none of the context is sexual. No “I want to grab your boobies!” or, “I want to take a bath with you!”. Just innocent subtext.


2. Madoka Magica seems to understand it’s fans

When Madoka Magica started airing, Homura’s identity was a mystery. Homura had a fascination with Madoka that quickly leads to an on-set of fanart of the two together. Yet there were so many different theories of who Homura might be, from Madoka to a cat to Madoka’s mom. Admittedly, a lot of people, especially in Japan, don’t have have a problem with incest, but I do, especially when it involves getting on with one’s mother. Luckily, there turned out to be no forbidden love happening.

Homura is just one of Madoka’s classmates. Which means fans can ship without having to worry about incest /bestiality etc. If that’s not a wonderful gift from the creator to the fans, I don’t know what is.

http://img28.pixiv.net/img/kannaplum/1728583. Mami’s Boobs

Come on, those are some lovely ladies! Not too big, not too small, but just right. Rarely do boobies that lovely grace the scene of an anime, and usually when they do, you’re sick of them by the end because they’ve defied the laws of physics too much. Well not these babies!


4. I’m really going to miss the Madoka fanart

Seriously. Best nonsense fanart ever.


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10 responses to “Why I Love/Loved Madoka Magica

  1. I love that Madoka/Homura picture you included! It’s so cute. And the fact that Mami’s chest got a place on this list amuses me…though I can’t really blame you. Huh.

    Have you seen the fanart of Kyubey as a human? A lot make him really gorgeous and thus make me want to cosplay him. Which sucks. He’s horrible and I should not want to cosplay him. I’m cosplaying Mami, dangit.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly re; Mami’s breasts. And the delicious yuri. Also I’d have to add delicious Faust references~

  3. Yuri? Boobs? Spoilers? You have my attention.

  4. Yi

    Agreed about the yuri! It was the reason I first started watching this, and I’m so glad they’ve fully lived up to my expectations with Madoka x Homura and Sayaka x Kyoko.

    Also… the delicious fan arts.

  5. I’m really hoping that the series doesn’t tank, but if it does, at least it was memorable. My favourite things so far would be Mami (the coolest character ever) and Kyubey’s mind games.

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