Pokemon Black and White Day 5+6

I don’t think I’ve made it clear enough despite multiple attempts so I’ll make it clear now. I can’t accept friend codes right now. I’m getting a new DS, and when I transfer over to a new DS none of my friend codes will transfer. My DS isn’t set up to the new wi-fi in the house right now. If you give me your friend code right now, I will lose it.

There was something else I wanted to put here, but I forgot…so I guess onward to update.


Before we continue, here’s what my team was by the end of the update. I’m in the weird place were I haven’t quite settled into my team yet. I’ll probably swap out Olimar when he evolves. Don’t be mistaken, he’s a really pokemon, it just a little crippling to have two bug pokemon on a team with the other types I already have.

So the desert area. It would have been a good training area if it wasn’t for the constant sandstorm that would keep chipping away at my pokemons hit point, and the fact there was no way to avoid running into wild pokemon, especially to get to heal points. As such, the desert turned out to be more of a pain to get through then really worthwhile. There are actually trainers to fight, and probably a couple hidden items to find that in my mind, it’s just not worth going through the desert to get to them.

Julia, male. I have an Aunt Julia that loves aligators. But I kept ohkoing them, so when I finally didn't, I didn't care what gender he was.

Oh yeah. Hidden items. I’m having an easier time find them due to now having received the new dowsing machine. I really like that when you turn it on, it starts searching automatically until the point it’s turned off. No more tapping on the DS constantly like you had to in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Serenity, male. I'm still working my way through Firefly.

o.O, female, named after her face.

The one thing that I wanted to make sure to I did in the desert was head into the Desert Resort, find the Relic Castle, and grab a fossil. My boyfriend automatically told me that since he’d gotten the other one, I could get Tirtouga. I really wanted the other one, but Tirtouga is at least cute before it evolves. It took me awhile to get to the lady that would give me the fossils, Sparkle was horribly clumsy/I was sadistic take your pick and kept falling in quicksand.

Llama, I felt it stared into my soul so I named it after the soul staring llama. Worse, when you put it to sleep, NONE of those eyes close.

Cleopatra, female.

Kris, male, named after my friend that loves turtles.

Upon hitting Nimbasa City, Professor Jupiter is waiting to hook me up with some Ultra Balls. And then guess who was waiting for me in town? No other then Team Plasma. They were harassing the old guy who runs the breeding center, and his disappearance has been the reason I’ve been unable to breed Pokemon. If he didn’t return after scaring off Team Plasma, I was tempted to hold him up myself.

Luckily, after being held up by Team Plasma, he had enough of being vacation, and on top of returning home, gave me his pretty pink bicycle that he’d bought for the trip. I’m not sure why an old man would get a pink bicycle, all I know is I can’t get the image of him riding it out of my head. Team Plasma made a run for it

Nimbasa Town is described as being a town for pleasure, and as such, it has facilities for battling,  sports areas, amusement park, the Pokemon Musical, and a rather nice atmosphere. Stopping by the apartment/condo things yielded me some nice items including a sun stone for Mardi Gras.

Chasing after Team Plasma into the Amusement Park, I run into N again. He asked Sparkle to get on the Ferris Wheel with him, and Sparkle follows. No Sparkle! Bad Sparkle! Stranger Danger! And while on the Ferris Wheel, he starts talking about how he’s the king of Team Plasma and what not. Oooookay, crazy man.  Just agree with what he says and get out of here.

It seems all my worrying about Bianca was for naught. She appears to be back to her normal perky self,and happily dragged me off to Pokemon Musical where I dressed up Olimar. I could feel his hate radiating toward me the whole time. In all truth, I was a huge fan of contests, super contests, and the Pokeathelon, but the musical is just a huge disappointment. It’s just playing dress-up with your pokemon, and do the musical to get more dress-up items. Really Nintendo? That’s all? No longer is strategy of any use, really you just throw crap on the Pokemon and go.

Leaving there, we run into Bianca and Lady Gaga Elesa.

Also, if you ever dare to venture into the area of Pokemon Fanart, Elesa will be one of the ladies that will teach you what bad porn looks like. Japan is…kinky. Yeah, kinky.

Obviously, one can’t advance until you beat the gym leader, but there are some cool Pokemon around the town to catch.

Male, I didn't nickname him as I felt Trubbish fit really well.

Mami, female

Microbe, male. Being a bit of science geek, I find this pokemon fabulous. It's the cell pokemon that evolves into the mitosis pokemon that evoles into the multipying pokemon.



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17 responses to “Pokemon Black and White Day 5+6

  1. You do know that you can transfer your DS settings from one machine to the other, right? It’s pretty simple, too.

  2. Can Mami learn Headbutt?

  3. Yeah, that Ferris Wheel bit was kind of weird 😉 After you beat the game, another trainer will appear at that same spot. After you beat him, he’ll take you on the Ferris Wheel and he says…weird stuff ~_^

    Heh, I was surprised at how much Elesa fan art appeared on pixiv when the games first came out. Guess we know who the most popular Unova gym leader is XD

    I never got into Pokemon Contests and I don’t care to get into the Musicals either. The Pokeathalon was fun though =)

  4. I have plans to cosplay as N, and also as Touko once I lose this weight that I’m working on. And once you’re switched over and settled, we need to exchange codes 🙂

  5. I spent most of the time EV training my starter and Gym Leaders were easy to beat as a result. I even beaten the Elite Four, catch the legendary with a Time Ball and beat N/Plasma Leader in 53 hours… still alot more than I done in Platnum and HeartGold.

    Nevertheless, I will still post the Let’s Plays since I have taken screenshots and videos of me beating the Gym Leader. I will accept battles once I have assembled my team.

    • Oh wow. I don’t EV my first in-game team, that must have taken a lot of patience. o.o

      • At least three to five hours to train without Pokerus and Braces. EV training in my other games takes me at least two hours at most to complete… but it’s worth it at the end… 15+ stats difference means everything with the Elite Four and stuff.

  6. I just finished the game, the ending is so freakin epic :O Everything presentation wise the moment you set foot into the pokemon league is just amazing. The music, the atmosphere, the setup…it was all so intimidating.

    It felt easier than the previous games for me though, I never even lost a battle this time around in game. I think it must have been because I was always over-leveled at every point >_<

    But damn, was it a sweet ride. We should exchange FCs when you get that new DS XD

    • I’ve heard different things from different people. Some find it easy, and some find it hard. My team got overleveled prepping for Elesa, so right now, it’s being easy.

      For me, it’s easier then Platinum, which kinda kicked my butt. x.x

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