Suggested Reading March 6th-12th 2010

So, this week. Pokemon Black and White is out, K-On sequel mangas announced, and then on Thursday/Friday, tragedy hit Japan, and continues through today, which had affected many in the blogshere on many different levels. Btw, there will be no suggested reading next week. I’ll be at a con.

Future Anime

Just as Planned speculates on Tiger & Bunny

Fate/Stay Night Tsukihime crossover delayed again. It’s okay, I can wait…

Scamp posts his thoughts on the season preview. It’s…a typical season preview, anime that looks like is may be good, anime that probably will be bad, and anime that no one knows what the hell expect.

Abandoned Factory’s picks and predictions for the Spring Season

Other anime

Regarding K-On, Valence asks how profit affects anime.

Nopy’s Blog on Yosuga no Sora

Oguie Maniax and Creamy Mami

Otaku Life reviews MM

JP was not forced to watch Giant Robo

Video Games

Pokemon through the generations from AnimeYume

Japanator recommends YS I & II

Both Powered By Sugar and Chikorita157 are doing playthroughs of the new pokemon games


While I don’t buy figures, I love to look at them! This Touko is so cute!

A very popular story this week, Why I Would Rather Work With the Yazuka then National Geographic Television, where a man details that his attempt to do a program with NGT for the Yazuka went horribly wrong

Beneath the Tangles heart is with Libya

Orgins of the peace sign in Japan

Tsunami and Earthquake related links

On a side note, my boyfriend’s cousin in Japan. I’ve been thinking about her a lot, and if you’ve been praying, please include her. She’s okay, and has been letting us know what’s going on, and to be honest, it sounds terrifying.

Pray for Japan then Give to Japan

2DT has a moment of silence

Major Arcana says Japan has the biggest things to worry about right now

Oguie Maniax hopes they’re okay

Otaku Life on the Earthquake

Shinmaru says we owe a bit of help

Animeyume offers her condolences

Hanners Anime Blog reflects

Japanater updates and offers advice on how you can help

Said cousin asks for prayers and points out the dumbness in yelling at people for praying.

More links on what you can do to help

Rabbitpoets on how to help Japan


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  1. Ogiue Maniax linked wrong…

    Anyway thanks for linking last week =)

  2. I really love that image you posted.

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