Pokemon Black and White Day 4

Blah blah blah, behind the cut for spoilers sake.

So Castelia isn’t a little city. More like a big city. I now know what the crap people are talking when they kept saying “THE BRIDGE” There is this massive bridge that I admittedly ran up and down a few times. Castelia City is also impressive, containing sweeping skyscrapers. Both serve to show off the improved graphics and the advertised 3-Dish graphics. I have mixed feelings about it. It is very impressive to look at, but when you actually want to get someone is a hurry, such as the Pokecenter, it takes longer then I’d like to get where I wanted to go.

In Castelia, there are a lot of side quests to do. They strike me as the type of side quests that are more fun to go exploring and find yourself, so I don’t want to spoil the fun. The only thing I will mention is one of them is to assemble three dancers, and the three dancers are adorable once they do. They’ll dance for you.

As soon as I headed over to the gym, I find I’m held up again. Team Plasma has struck again. I swear, every time I try to do something in this game, Team Plasma shows up and get in the way.  This time, Bianca, being unfortunately useless, has gotten her ‘Munny’ stolen. I’m still on Team ‘Bianca Should not Be Trusted On Her Own With a Pokemon’ Through this we meet a new, and cute character, Iris, who agrees to be Bianca’s bodyguard. Yuri pairing anyone?

After that was dealt with, I went to take on the gym leader. He has…weird artistic taste. Yeah, weird. That was probably my easier gym battle so far, what with having started with Tepig, the bug pokemon didn’t stand a chance.

Bianca wanted to battle after that, and is showing signs of learning from her mistakes. After I beat her, she seemed to realize her own uselessness. I felt really bad for her, and then even worse when she didn’t pick up the phone. Come on Bianca, you’re still really cute.

To end my day off, I got started on Route 4, where I caught a couple more Pokemon. I initially wasn’t going to join the “Scraggy is awesome’ camp, but ran into one right away, and after seeing his animation, how can I not? He tries to pull up his little pants, and then they fall down. Tee hee.

Wash, male, named after the Firefly character as he resembles a dino.

Phone Strap, male, well it was a charm pokemon...

Also, does anyone read the dex entries  for the pokemon? Darumaka’s talks about their droppings. Yeah. Tell me Pokemon isn’t awesome.


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3 responses to “Pokemon Black and White Day 4

  1. This is where I leave my FC: 4169 3811 9992

    I’m about where you are right now, with progress to occur faster after exam Wednesday next week. It’s splitting time with a take-home exam right now, and that exam should take more precedence than it is. ^_^;

  2. Yeah, Castelia City is quite a trip. I like to explore every nook and cranny in each city before moving on, so naturally this one took the longest. In order to remember where I had been to before and where I haven’t, I went up and down each of the “isles” of the city, starting with where you enter and ending with the isle the gym is located on to the far left.

    And just an FYI, after you beat the game, the staff at Game Freak put themselves into the game and you can battle them in one of the buildings. They have like, LV70-ish pokemon.

  3. …I’m glad to see I’m not the only person who saw Iris/Bianca.

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