Pokemon Black and White, Day 3

As always, everything is below a cut so some peeps don’t get spoiled.

For Sparkle, it was off to the second gym. Except as soon as I got the second gym, the green haired weirdo came out and wanted to battle. After I beat him, he proceeded to babble about he and Sparkle would be friends. No, he and Sparkle would not be friends! I decided to forbid Sparkle to play with him. She’s only allowed to marry Cheren anyway.

It turned out the gym was in the back of the town’s museum, so Sparkle got to the visit the museum first. Here we can see the graphics have come a long way…now we can say a dead dragonite in vivid detail! Actually, I thought the museum was pretty cool, it had a lot of references for the older players. I had a mission though, and that was the gym.

How can I not love a gym that has a library in it? That made my day. Lenora honestly went down really easy for me. I had Pet Rock in my party, as well as two pokemon that knew fighting moves. Tepig had just evolved, and learned arm thrust. The only thing that tripped me up is I wasn’t prepared for hypnosis, and didn’t have sleep items in my inventory. In the end however, I was victorious and got my badge. I didn’t get to enjoy my victory for long, as right after, Team Plasma invaded the museum.

Basically, Team Plasma took the skull, and bolted in the woods portion of Pinwheel Forest. This next part took me a long time to work through, partially because I spent a lot of time training. My Lilipup, Pakrat, and Purrloin evolved. At first I was going to keep Purrloin in my party, but by the time she evolved, I was fed up with her.

Fractale, male. I was thinking about how I need to watch the next episode...

Pinwheel Forest definitely had the feeling of working through an actual dungeon, minus the floors, with all the events, items, and such littered through, and the time it take to work through everything. I ran into the evolved form of Petilil, but failed to catch it due to an ill timed critical hit, and I never found the two elemental monkeys I didn’t have. I caught everything else that I could find in White though.

Mardi Gras, female

I don’t if I just really dumb or what, but I have a hard time figuring on what Team Plasma is on about besides that they want to liberate Pokemon.  Well I could figure out the skull. They didn’t care about the skull because it wasn’t the one they wanted. But the seven sages nonsense and what they said to the gym leaders? Beats me.

Olimar, male. He looked to me like something Olimar would have found on the planet of the Pikmin.

Anyway, Team Plasma is dispatched for now, so onto our next little city!

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