Pokemon Black and White, Day 2

So it seems that it probably will be best to wait a couple weeks until I post my friend code due to moving DS systems, and Nintendo being stupid about moving systems.

I didn’t play as much today…today I got up at 9, spent a hour getting ready, then left the house with my mom at ten to do things that needed to be done. We didn’t get back home until four thirty. So not much coverage today. A lot of pokemon catching though.


Obviously all there was left to do in Free Stuff City was the Gym so to the Gym I went. I really thought it was cute, and enjoyed the whole restaurant theme. Much to my disappointment, I fought the water guy. I liked the grass guy a lot better, he was a lot nicer. It was a quick and easy battle, and afterwards I was informed they were only novice gym leaders anyway, so beating them wasn’t that big a deal. Yeah. Whatever.

After that Fennel sends us off to the Dream Yard for Dream Mist. Off I go to run into the cutest pokemon, Munna. AND THEN TEAM PLASMA COMES UP AND STARTS KICKING. Bianca, being useless, does nothing. Sparkle’s also pretty useless, and do nothing about it. Would it have been that hard to sic a pokemon of them, or throw a potion or do something to make them stop attacking the poor Munna. But noooooo. Luckily the evolution was there to help out. Fennel appears like a stalker and gets her dream mist. I stay to catch a munna as I’ve been wanting one ever since the game came out. I also got the C gear afterwards but I’ve done little to nothing with it.


Kyubei, male. I caught him with a Dusk Ball, so he comes out of a black hole.

Talking about the Dream Yard, I woke up this morning to my mom asking me if I caught the pink rabbit thing in the Dream Yard. Of course I didn’t Mom. It’s not easy to be an Audino. Actually, I sort of stared and babbled nonsense, because I didn’t know they could be found in the Dream Yard. I also hadn’t had any caffeine.

Cheren or what’s his name kept fighting me a lot as I made my way through the town and route 3. But he can battle me whenever he wants as he as sexy as hell.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disturbed by the daycare on route 3. Let’s give preschoolers monsters with the potential to destroy things and hurt others if used irresponsibility! That’s a great idea! And then I feel guilty as hell when I beat them, and take their lunch money.Β  On top of that, the three kids in the school yard have the elemental monkeys that were used in the gym. So the city got their idea for their gym from preschoolers? At least these kids weren’t wandering around on their own without adult supervision…I won’t see anything that ridiculous, right?

Alas, I was all set to breed my Tepig, just to discover that I can’t breed yet. Bummer.


Blaine. I’m on the gay men of Glee being the birds name kick I guess.

“Bianca why are you running?”Β  Sparkle, Cheren, and Bianca are reunited to help save a stolen pokemon from Team Plasma.Talking about Team Plasma, I’m glad there’s more to them then a religious cult that comes to town. They’re a religious cult that escaped from the Ren Faire. In all truth, I really like their outfits in a goofy fun sort of way


Blazblue, male.

The cave is currently a dead end after the plot point is fulfilled that exists to catch Pokemon. That said, there’s some cool pokemon here. Although, I think woobat is easily one of the goofiest things I’ve ever seen, what with the bright blue fur and heart nose.Β  The new rock pokemon is a vast improvement over geodude.


Pet Rock, male.
Wuuuuuuuuv, female


Continuing along to our next city. The game introduces double wild battles, which makes for nice way to level up. At this point, I’m wanting to dump Pakrat and Purrloin, but not before they evolve for my Pokedex, so this little addition is handy. Phil has been nice and all, but rather then reminding me of the groundhog, his name makes me think of Dr. Phil.

Nacrene City is a city where everyone lives in warehouses, has an artistic bent, and besides the gym, there’s currently nothing of interest to me. If I wanted to see that, I’d just go visit Yellow Springs. I’m currently in no shape to take on the second gym yet, so I moved on to the Pinwheel forest to work on training. I also pulled Pet Rock out of the box, thinking he’ll come in handy with some training. Pinwheel Forest has plenty of pokemon, as well as finally giving me an Audino.


Boobies, male.

Pinwheel Forest has this strange although helpful nurse. She’ll heal you anytime you want after you’ve proved yourself by beating her. That said, I do like the add-on that trainers will help you or give you items occasionally. It makes battling trainers less monotonous.


Foo-Foo, male, named after Little Bunny Foo-Foo

Walking through Pinwheel Forest, I came across some preschoolers…playing on the train tracks. Abandoned train tracks, but still. What the hell Nintendo?


Morn'gWood, male, also going to use this guy for the gym.

I still haven’t completed Pinwheel Forest yet. Right now I’m focused I’m training for the gym, as well as evolving Purrloin and Pakrat.


Nickie, male, named after the puppet in Avenue Q



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5 responses to “Pokemon Black and White, Day 2

  1. I love your pokemon nicknames ^^ I never nickname my pokemon ’cause I’m just terrible at thinking of good ones.

    Oh, and you’ll find more people like that nurse throughout the game (doctors and other nurses). They’re really quite handy when a Pokemon Center is too far away.

    And that’s a good point about the preschoolers – don’t you have to be at least 10 years old to battle with pokemon? Or is that just an anime-only thing?

    Currently I’m about to get my sixth badge and my team is around LV35. Let me know whenever you’d like to trade or battle online =)

    • I always nicknamed my Pokemon. Although when I was younger, I nicknamed them really dumb thing.

      I’ll be free for trading/battling when I get my DSi. Until then, I have to wait…

  2. The nicknames of your pokemon are awesome. My copy of Pokemon Black version is suuposed to arrive tomorrow afternoon, I can’t wait to get started. As for gameplay blogging, I am going to limit to one post per week in which I will recap my adventures. Stop by when you get a moment.

  3. Very nice post, and nice blog also. I lvoe what you say πŸ˜‰

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