Pokemon Black and White Day 1

I don’t know how many days I’ll be doing this, but for the first few days I’ll post my impressions. And hoping this format will be less annoying then the 10 million people liveblogging the game by doing it as an end of the day post. Everything is behind a cut in an attempt not to spoil people more then may have already in my anticipation.

By the way, if you want my friend code, become a fan of Black and Blue Socks on Facebook. If you want the info but don’t facebook, I suggest a sock puppet account without any personal info. What matters is it’s a way for me easily to contact other people and vice versa. Become a fan here. Please respect my privacy and do not friend me on facebook. I have a female Tepig, so will be willing to breed baby Tepigs when I get there, as well as trade with people who have Black but don’t have access to anyone with Pokemon White.

Anyway, so far…

I ended up sucked into the world of Pokemon White, where I prompted to give name and gender by a very sexy professor. Someone at Gamefreak got the idea we might like the professors better if they weren’t weird old men. It only took…how long to come to this conclusion? I told her that I was a girl, named Sparkle–short for Twillight Sparkle, the main character of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. For some reason, I have a hardy nature? It turned out to be customizable, so I’m now impish.  My game also started in Winter, while as my family started in Autumn. My DS wasn’t able to go to 2011, so it just repeats December 2010 over and over.

I was rather amused by the method of how the Pokemon were delivered to me and my two best friends. Sure, give us a present a let us check out these pokemon with potential to do real damage without any adult supervision whatsoever…and then was extremely surprised that in-game, the kids actually did cause trouble with the pokemon!

I quite like my two BFFs. At the very least, they’re a step-up personality wise from the rivals of third gen onward (although personally I didn’t care for Silver, but he does have a semi-interesting character compared to third and fourth gen). Cherim is really cool, and in my mind, kinda sexy. I have a soft spot for Bianca, but I’m really don’t know if she should be trusted with a pokemon.

Anyway. Starter picking. I got a Tepig, and since she was female, I named her Kyouko. CAUSE I’M TOTALLY IN DENIAL SHE’S TOTALLY NOT DEAD HMMPH. (At least maybe she and Sayaka can have lesbian sex forever in the afterlife.)


Kyouko, female.

On the way to Accumula Town, I caught two more Pokemon, see pictures inserted in update. All I can say is the people in Accumula are weird. No, I’m not talking about the come to town cult. Just the people. I mean there’s the chick outside the Pokemon Center who’s all “You can make friends with wild pokemon if you reach out to them.” Actually, I’m pretty sure if you stand there and try that, they’ll beat you up.  It’s best to beat them into submission and stuff them into a pokeball. Trust me.  Then there’s Miss, “You and your pokemon somehow resemble each other!” My pokemon is a pig. What are you saying? But the one that takes the cake is the newly married couple that marvels to you, “We’ve just gotten married. Men and women are so different, aren’t they? But I don’t see much difference between male and female pokemon…” I wonder about their sex life.


Phil, Male, named for Groundhog's Day Groundhog

Next to that, the come to town cult and Mr. I Want to Hear Your Pokemon Talk to Me seemed liked the status quo around here. Maybe poor Sparkle should have stayed at home. At the very least, she needs to get away from this place’s drinking water. And by leaving, she gets running shoes.

The new battle screen takes a while to get use to. I don’t think I can play it in a moving vehicle without getting dizzy, but I can play at home just fine. I’ll just be doing Nuzlocke Pearl when I go out, it seems.


Yango, male. I just looked and him and went "Yango will be your name!"

Route 2. I caught a Purrloin, and right after I named it, realized I should have named her Azu-nyah. After I actually tried to level her up a bit, I realized she should have been named Binx–a cat at the Humane Society that dislikes every other living being. It also turned out that Yango has Pick-up, which means he keeps getting me items. I can see it, “I love you I love you I love you lemme me show you here potion I love you I love you I love you here…”



Striaton City aka free stuff city. With the best old couple ever. Immedietely, I wanted to hit up the Dream Yard to get a Munna, with no luck. But I did get the free Pansage. I don’t really like monkeys…but he’s pretty cute.  And that’s enough for today.

Ranch, male.


Yes, I’m not very far.  I’m a slow and steady player.

On a note, I can’t stand to be on tumblr right now, and want to know what the heck is wrong with some gamers.  I see people saying things such as “You’re stupid if you pick the fire starter!” “You’re stupid if you play with any of the starters.” Reminds me of the most of the gamer guys I was stuck at college with. But the point of pokemon is you can play it anyway you want blah blah blah. The bigger point is, it doesn’t matter if you’re right, you look like the biggest loser for judging others based on their way of playing Pokemon in-game. Not even competitive battling. In-game. Point of this rant is, if I see any comments like that on my blog, being the dictator I am, your comment will be deleted and you will be banned from commenting.


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11 responses to “Pokemon Black and White Day 1

  1. Awww… My copy of Pokemon Black and White won’t come until end of the week. Then again, I can’t really play since my professors decide to throw a paper and a big exam before spring break. :/

  2. Andrew Foose

    My only problem with Tepig is the fact that Emboar has tusks that are too short. If they were at least as long as Pumba’s, that would have been awesome.

  3. I picked Tepig too, and you’re lucky to get a female one – that’s rare! =)

    Besides Tepig, I bred pokemon in my Japanese Black version and traded them into White to raise them as my main team (you can trade pokemon with other games as soon as you get Fennel the Dream Mist. Need two DS systems too). I think I overdid it a little with playing the game yesterday – spent 9 hours playing (only had the gave for 12 hours XD), got 4 badges, and raised my pokes to LV27.

    We should definitely exchange FCs! I’ll get back to you on it~

    • Oh, and I totally agree with you about all the jerks out there – the main reason I stay away from forums, tumblr, etc., and only follow the Twitter, blogs, etc., of people I know and like XP

    • Its pretty rare to get one on the first try… so power cycling with L+R+Start+Select does the trick… except that the R button on my DSi is broken… but then again, I’m planning to replace it with a 3DS someday.

      The females will eventually come with the law of large numbers… they are only like 12.5% or something like that…

  4. Some people need to get a life. I love all of the starters this time around. I picked Snivy, but I asked a couple people to breed an Oshawott and Tepig for me because I love them so much. And pff, in game pretty much anything can work. Haters gonna hate yo.

    Also lolol the Acumula people are pretty nutty. Especially the married couple.

    • I love all three starters, which is a big deal to me as I didn’t really like any of the 4th gen. I mean, they’re okay…

      Some people just get too competitive about silly things.

      • To be perfectly honest, I completely ignored both Gen III and Gen IV. SoulSilver dragged me back in. So that said I’ve only followed three groups of starters, but I looked at Gen III and IV and I can safely say that this is the first time since Gen I that I’ve liked all 3 starters. And yes, some people do get way too competitive over silly things.

        I decided to start blogging my Black playthrough, too, btw :3 I’m catching up on the gameplay I’ve already gotten through now, derp.

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