Round-up of Pokemon Links

With Pokemon Black and White coming out tomorrow, here’s the links that I like to use for Pokemon. Some of these may be “Duh” to you, but not everyone knows about them, so hush.

Websites is a good go to for news, basic game mechanics, and has a handy pokedex. The navigation just may take awhile to get down.

Bulbapedia, one stop pokemon encyclopedia for anything pokemon related.

Best place for indepth pokemon analysis

Smogen University-Competitive Battling 101. The bad thing about is its very straight forward not very creative in it’s moveset and how pokemon can be used.

Hardrock Pokemon is a little expensive, but it’s worth it for the merchandise in great condition and fast shipping.


Trainertips offers in-depth analysis of the Gen V Pokemon, but I can give and take that. What’s really great is the advice he offers, not to mention the awesome pics he posts.

Officer-Jenny posts a lot, but that includes Pokemon news and awesome pictures

Fypblog has pokemon memes, moments of pokemon geekdown and cool fan merchandise.

Diglett Cave is the tumblr for Pokemon Podcast and full of pokemon goodness.


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4 responses to “Round-up of Pokemon Links

  1. So, when are you picking up the game? 🙂

  2. Got two of my favorites on there, Serebii and Bulbapedia. I would also recommend Poke-Beach (though mostly for news rather than extensive game information).

    Gonna pick up my copy of White it…about two hours =D

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