An Obsessive Compulsive Nuzlocke Run

So… my experience with a Nuzlocke run. To write about the Nuzlocke challenge, I felt like I had to have an inkling of what it was like. So I sat down, and started a run on my Pearl version that I own for hacking the game (which hasn’t really worked out yet anyway, as it seems I wore out my r+l buttons), for about nine hours. So far I can say that to me, yes, the experience is a little overrated, but it is fun none the less.

As I started a new game, Rowan asked me if I was a girl, and I assured him that yes, I was, and that my name was Steve (a reference to the Let’s Play of the Ultima Games.). My blonde next door neighbor was to be named Sheen, short for Charlie Sheen. It works strangely well. As Conan says, it’s almost as if my next door neighbor is on something that makes him want to talk really really fast. Almost. On top of that, everything my neighbor says is better when I imagine him saying it in Sheen’s voice.

When the Professor asked me to pick a pokemon, I couldn’t remember which pokeball was which, and the game gives no hints. I just grabbed one, and ended up with a female piplup I nicknamed Prinny. At least piplups are cute, even if I have no idea when they learn a decent move. Seriously, she’s 17 right now, she evolved and her best move is bubble. Sigh.

Prinny, female.

I felt a twinge of anticipation and excitement when I was about to encounter and catch my first pokemon. I had no idea what I was going to get, and I was going to be locked into this pokemon! It was a real defining moment. I wandered into the grass to find…a bidoof. I caught her and named her Derpyhoof.

I don’t really have anything against bidoofs, I was just hoping for a starly, or especially a shinx…the bidoof was a major let down to me. After that, things did get better.

Derpyhoof, female. I really like Derpyhoof now. Hehehehe, Derpyhoof.


Every time a pokemon comes close to fainting, and I realize I might lose a pokemon, I do get a bit of a adrenaline rush, adding a edge to the game that often isn’t there. I’m guessing this edge is what makes this challenge so popular. That, and limiting the number of pokemon makes the ones the person has more special. I’ve gotten one gym badge, and only lost one pokemon. I’m not really getting into the whole Nuzlocke thing…I think I may have pokemon attachment problems. The one pokemon I lost was Rocky the geodude, the entire time I had her/him/it/I don’t remember, I was thinking about how much I disliked geodudes and was looking forward to the new rock pokemon in generation 5. And then it died, and my thought was, ‘Huh. Oh well.’ I also caught a machop, and then just turned out and traded it to the chick in Oreburgh City for an abra. I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong.


Kazza, male, proof of my apathy for these poor pokemon

The most exciting thing to happen to me was when I did find a rare pokemon—a female combee—in the Flower Fields where the only place one could find a wild pokemon is by slathering honey on the tree. Considering how hard some people work to find a female combee, I feel pretty proud.


Marie, female, named after the french queen that lost her head.

And that’s how far I’ve gotten. I’m in the Eterna Forest right now. My entire Pokemon collection consistsof girls, a gay bird, and the traded abra. I’ve had a few close calls with Prinny, but overall keeping pokemon alive hasn’t been too hard. I’ve just needed to be more careful then I’m use to being. Maybe that’ll change later, maybe it won’t. I have no idea.


Dom, Female, the nickname comes from, well, before I caught her, she used bind on Prinny...

Kurt, male, the gay bird.

Little, female, named after the pretty vampire in one of Hinano's otome reviews.


Jello, female, I dunno I think about food a lot. She kicks ass like nobody's business though!

Sprouts, female, see above


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2 responses to “An Obsessive Compulsive Nuzlocke Run

  1. Looks like a good run to me so far. As a matter of fact, I just pre-ordered Pokemon Black today. I can’t wait to start playing it, since I haven’t played the games since I had the Blue, Yellow and Silver versions of the games.

  2. I don’t think I could ever make myself do this. So I say kudos to you.

    And it needs to be tomorrow now. I want my Black.

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