Shameless Shipping Extra KyoukoxSayaka

I know, shameless shipping is over and done with. But Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is such a dark series, and these are such a cute paring that I’m kinda obsessed with that I really wanted to do a shameless shipping post for them. And I do shamelessly ship the two.’s obviously never going to happen. The audience has been on edge waiting for the two to die for how long now? Kyouko’s might die next episode or she might make it to episode 10 is my. They had the potential to be such great friends, but they never will be., we get a rather tragic relationship between the two. While Sayaka still thinks her job as a mahou shoujo is awesome, Kyouko tries to kill her, at the time unwilling to share the city with Sayaka. However, when Kyouko starts to become sympathetic to Sayaka, and takes her under her wing, it’s too late. Sayaka is already beyond saving. Not that Kyouko is willing to give up on Sayaka. I think Kyouko would, and will, die trying.

I imagine I’ll get a lot of flack for using an All Time Low song. Well, I like what I like, and I really like Nothing Personal so tough.

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11 responses to “Shameless Shipping Extra KyoukoxSayaka

  1. Ansir

    You should really do more of these! They’re great! But what does shipping mean?

  2. The pairing would’ve have been great. Kyoko’s the Homura character to Sayaka : protective and great.

    Too bad Sayaka’s god-damned dead.

  3. keiOnDaisuki

    i’m shipping these two as well. just poor kyoko. she really wants to save sayaka but it’s too late (or is she?)

    MadoHomu is mah OTP though. XDD yuri is delicious. XD

  4. Is it just me, or do Mahou Shoujo anime tend to have yuri pairings?

    Anyway, this brightened my mood even if a little bit (After watching episode 8).

  5. I have been shipping this hard lately and agree with your views on it completely. Thanks for the pretty pictures~!

  6. Yi

    I’m shipping these two too! They’re so cute together.

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