Businesses Can and Will Make Going to the Restroom Hard

At my favorite local bookstore (Books&Company) they have adopted a bizarre business practice while I was at college. Naming, making going to the restroom humiliating for customers and employees alike.

They have made going to the bathroom a process reminiscent of being kindergarten.

The restroom had previously been, well, a typical restroom that one just walked into. But when I returned from college, the door to the restroom was locked. If I wanted to go the restroom, I had to track down an employee to walk with me to the restroom. The employee would stand outside the door while I did, well, powdered my nose. When I was done, the employee would be outside so they could dutifully lock the door and go back to work.

Personally, I’m not keen on anyone being aware that making use of restroom facilities, so I absolutely hate it. But I’m sure who  wouldn’t. There’s nothing like telling an absolute stranger “Hey, I gotta pee and maybe poop!” or anything that amounts to a more polite version of that, and then having them practically chained to them until you do the dirty deed. Not to mention, it adds time to the process, and when you already gotta go, that’s pure misery.

But they feel it’s needed. I found out the reason the don’t just give customers the keys is customers kept stealing the keys. But I never found out why they locked they restrooms in the first place. I had fun coming up with this ridiculous theories involving wild holds-up and breaking of rule hanging on every restroom that said “Please don’t bring merchandise into the bathroom”. I assumed the real reason was some merchandise ended up ruined in the restroom.

We visited there today, where my mother discovered the reason they were telling customers. “A graffiti problem in the men’s bathroom,”.  I found this out when we talking about on the way home, and I expressed my opinion that there wasn’t possibly a reason to go to this big of inconvenience for customers unless there was a recurring problem. Graffiti problem is obviously a synonym for something…not to be shared with the public.

At this point, I was thinking something disgusting and involving fecal matter as my mother said she supposed that it made sense as it was the kid’s section. I still couldn’t past the idea that anything that happened was probably a one time thing and wouldn’t happen again.

My mom tried to beat around the bush, which failed. Being very literal, all it did it made me wonder why one would have kneepads in a restroom. Finally, she was direct.


To which, all I can say is Ew.

Maybe due to being OCD, I’m just a total germphobe. Or maybe I’m a prude. But a public restroom is the last place I’d ever have sex. I’d probably decide to give up sex for life instead. Especially a men’s room. It’s a germ paradise, and just gross. The restrooms at Books&Co aren’t exceptional, they’re just okay. So I don’t understand.

And then there’s the slight fact that the restrooms are located right under the Kid’s Zone sign. Wouldn’t that be a turn-off? I just…okay…if you must fuck in a public restroom, why one located in the kid’s section of a bookstore?

But if that’s the case, thank you inconsiderate disgusting creeps for ruining the freedom to go the restroom there unaided for the rest of us.


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7 responses to “Businesses Can and Will Make Going to the Restroom Hard

  1. That “how to” image is legendary. Especially the last two ;D Haha, the fishing pole.

    But I still don’t understand why they would close the men’s bathroom because of such a incident. True it’ll be unsanitary but don’t they have cleaners for that reason o-o?

  2. Russell

    Reminds me of this park a few blocks away from my house. During summer, if you walk by late at night there’s occasionally somebody trying to have sex on the playground. There was also one time when I saw a couple of people try to have an orgy IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. There are far stupider places to meet for sex than a public bathroom. Not that I like the idea…

  3. Fantastic image, loved it. 😀

    Anyway yes, don’t understand the reason of closing it down. 😐

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