Black and Blue Socks on Libya

Some speciality blogs and ilk have this way of handling things. Not Black and Blue Socks.

I’m going to take a break from talking about anime and Madoka and talk about Libya, which many of you have probably heard about. There are times when the wrong thing to do IS say nothing. For anyone who doesn’t know, the dictator of Libya would rather kill all his people then give up power. I actually can’t watch the videos, and I can read the most but not all of the news story because they’re too horrible.

From here, I’m going to quote what Fuckyeahmemes on Tumblr said:

“At times of great crisis, man must come to a crossroads. There is always the easy thing to do, but there also exists the right thing to do. These last weeks and months have been eye openers to much of the world. Western-supported Despots in much of N. Africa and the Middle East have begun to crumble, starting with Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia and then Hosni Mubarak shortly after in Egypt. Throughout these revolutions, masses of support and media attention was given. As more countries go through this process of revolution, that seems not to be the case. As we speak, Muammar Al-Gaddafi and his family are waging war against the people of Libya. Though unconfirmed, reports have been pouring in of aerial assaults and bombings of Tripoli and other western cities, and some servicemen in Libya have even defected to Malta, refusing to do what their dictator has asked them to do.  Just recently, in a press release, Seif Al-Islam Gaddafi, Muammar Gaddafi’s son, stated that Libya “will fight until the last man is standing” to defend Gadaffi’s regime. This is not Egypt or Tunisia. These dictators will not bow out just because they are being pressured. These maniacs will crush their entire people in order to stay in power. Word needs to be spread. While we cannot physically go there and help out, we can offer our words of support. Have the Libyans in your prayers. Their fight will be a long and bloody one that may not end as Egypt and Tunisia did. We are one, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. If we let atrocities be committed against them without protest, others will surely follow suit. We need to let the world that this is not an acceptable way to treat a people.”

As a normal, everyday person, here is what you can do to help.

To the politicians and leaders of Amercian, SAY OR DO SOMETHING. As I said about Egypt, it is through our leader that we the people feel empowered. And now it’s more crucial then ever.

To those journalist reporting back from Libya, risking your lives, and keeping us updated, thank you.


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11 responses to “Black and Blue Socks on Libya

  1. Tread lightly, is all I can really say.
    (shrug) hey, I don’t like Gaddafi either, the UN summits has already proven this man wacko. But whenever I remember that foreign intervention on China’s own issues piss me off (Free Tibet groups when Tibetans want autonomy not independence, which’ll simply ruin their economy and plunge them back into the slave age), I feel that only Libyans should have the right to petition one way or another. A revolution is pointless if its ultimate success was brought about by foreign intervention, or so I feel (and CIA’s history seems to prove).
    All for spreading the word though. But anything further involves treading carefully on “what they want” and not “what one thinks they want”. This is where it gets tricky on just what is an appropriate level of support…

    Wishing for another indeed. But at least, prayers be with them.

    • I understand what your saying. The problem is, Gaddafi is banking on the fact that foreign powers won’t intervene and thus he will be able to get able with slaughtering every person protesting against him (quotes have shown).

      I guess right now, things are so over the top, foreign intervention isn’t about making sure it’s successful, but that so people–especially innocent and uninvolved ones, stop dying in horrific ways and such large numbers. What’s going on is beyond inhumane. And no action will just lead to dead people.

      If Gaddafi falls, there is no ruling system in place, and the country will probably fall to civil war. But he’s no longer a ruler that can be kept in power either. It’s a no win situation.

  2. That’s…terrible. I honestly hadn’t heard about this at all (all I’ve been hearing about lately is Egypt). That sort of person should never be in power.

  3. Joe

    I can’t help but squirm when I’m watching the news about this and half the coverage is about how it’s going to make gas prices rise.

  4. Yi

    I think it’s great to spread the word, but I just don’t know enough about the situation, the politics, and the oppression there to actually say or do anything meaningful… Still, best wishes to Libya, and may this result in the best possible outcome.

  5. I missed this post – you jumped on this issue pretty early on. Thanks for spreading the news!

  6. Joe

    After so many days of positive developments, the past week has seen the momentum shift back to Gaddafi and his forces, who’ve been bombarding the rebels and pretty much stopped their advance. Really discouraging to see things turning out this way, the rebels helpless to defend themselves against airial attack while the rest of the world stands by and watches. I understand why we don’t want to be too quick to intervene, especially when it looks like the citizens of Libya may be close to overthrowing the government all on their own. But surely there’s something that we can do. Or the UN. Or the EU countries who’ve been absorbing all the refugees so far. I don’t want everyone to wait until next week to meet about it.

    I know this is an old post but I just wanted to vent today.

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