Dammit Fractale

I didn’t really like episode four, but it was passable. And parts of episode five were uh…oh, never mind. Episode five stunk. I feel as if Fractale is trying to do too much, and as such, is failing to do anything well.


What really got me were the actions of Nessa in this episode. Even though Nessa was pissed, I didn’t see Nessa as the type to mess with the interface and take it out on a whole ship full of people. I think the idea was Nessa was suppose to be throwing a temper tantrum, but still, Nessa lacks that’s vindictive quality.

And then everything else, especially Phryne’s super secret revelation just fell flat.

Oh Fractale. I think it’s still possible for you for to redeem yourself. But you need to shape up fast.

This was the best part--when this guy just up and started dancing away.


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6 responses to “Dammit Fractale

  1. Leave Nessa Alone!!! [/sarcasm]

    I wished they focus more on the Fractale System… since isn’t it the main point of the show?

  2. I don’t think Nessa was trying to throw a temper tantrum… like they pointed out, she thought they were just playing a game of hide and seek, and I don’t think she was aware at all that she was messing up the system. Because you’re right, Nessa doesn’t seem like the person to throw a tantrum like that. I agree though… Fractale needs to shape up fast! This episode was a downer.

  3. ojisan

    Fractale lost me around episode 4 when lots of people started getting shot and it was somehow – ‘oh, people died’ – passed over as only somewhat significant. In Black Lagoon that makes sense, but not here. Fractale raised my hopes quite a bit, but it doesn’t seem to have a heart or a centre –

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