The Characterization of Kyouko

While over the past couple episodes I’ve come to really like Kyouko, the reveal all that the series gave the viewers in episode seven pretty much elevated her to my favorite character. I’ve had some theories about her since episode five that I kept to myself as they were mainly based on throwaway lines and gut instinct that much to my surprise turned out to be true.

My theories aren’t normally right and I’m really not use to this. Maybe it was that obvious?


Among many other things, I thought Kyouko had used her wish for someone else instead of herself, and as apparently these wishes do, it didn’t work out how it how she wanted. Although I never imagined the extent it backfired.

Going off on a tangent for a bit, one of the things I really like about Madoka, is while the main characters (although Sayaka is changing into an exception) are mainly ideals and lack depth, the side characters are surprisingly complex. Look at mild-mannered Hitmoi, who turns out to be such a good friend and so respecting of Sayaka’s feelings that she’ll give Sayaka 24 hours before she’ll try to steal the guy Sayaka loves. Guh, with friends like that…

Kyouko turns out to be no exception. Her tough callous demeanor turns out to just be an exterior shell she throws up. After all, from her experience she believe that if she or any other mahou shoujo cares about anyone else, they’ll ultimately hurt them. Kyouko was trying to make Sayaka understand that while sticking by her ideal not to care about Sayaka either, and keep Sayaka from hurting Sayaka’s boytoy. Getting Sayaka to understand the realities of being a mahou shoujo is impossible, as even before this, Sayaka seemed to live in a constant state of denial.

Eventually, Kyouko breaks down, as that rough and tough persona is not her. Deep down Kyouko is a caring person, hence the wish she made in the first place. In probably what is one of the saddest scenes, Kyouko bares her soul and tries to reach out Sayaka to help her. In response, Sayaka not only rejects but insults Kyouko.

I mean, you could argue until you’re blue in the face about the right and wrong about Kyouko’s less then moral way of obtaining the apples, but it’s not about the apples. It was about Sayaka saying that because she didn’t agree with Kyouko’s way of doing things–and refused to even understand why Kyouko might do things differently–and that she didn’t care that Kyouko tried to reach out to her.

Ouch. Especially to someone as damaged and lonely as Kyouko.

I’m guessing mahou shoujo don’t age, as Kyouko’s story seems to be a story that would take place in the past. However, by Kyouko’s maturity, I’m guessing she became a mahou shoujo when she was 12 or 13, and is younger then the rest.

Edit: There seems to be a lot of people predicting Sayaka killing Kyouko based on an image in the church. I’m sure that will be the case. Sayaka is most likely the witch we saw in episode 1, and we watched her kill Homura, the last mahou shoujo there, leaving a lonely Madoka. It really pains me to say it, everyone I like in this series will die, but then again, who won’t die?


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4 responses to “The Characterization of Kyouko

  1. I do feel bad for Kyouko now. I don’t much like her (or dislike her), she’s just…well, she’s got my pity. I doubt she’d want it, with her personality, but she does have it.

    With Sayaka–well, I have to agree with you. I don’t have to LIKE agreeing with you, because I feel awful for Sayaka, but there it is. In fact I feel bad for all of the magical girls at this point. They aren’t being told the entire truth and the things they have to go through are horrible. It’s just not good in any way.

    Though the series itself is brilliant.

    • A lot of people seem to feel the same. Or really like her now. I’m seeing Kyouko icons popping up all over the blogsphere.

      I feel really bad for Sayaka too. I hate what Sayaka is going through and the things happening to her–such as Kyubei making her feel the pain, but it seems the only way for her to understand. It’s just her understanding…broke her. 😦

  2. Favorited as well~
    I still really really *really* can’t agree with her ideology, and her approach is questionable. But she definitely has it where it counts. Her story also hit a bit close to home for me so— biased xD
    and they definitely don’t age, otherwise they’d have less of the “no longer human” issues =\

    • Aw, thanks. 🙂

      Someone pointed out the dolls of her family were wearing olden days clothes, so I think that confirms it. Also, I haven’t seen you in awhile, good to see you again. 🙂

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