Bastard in the Promise Land in now for sale!

Bastard in the Promise Land, a science fiction novel, is now for sale. Why is this of any interest? Well…first off, my Mom wrote it. Second of all, I’m fortunate enough not to be the position where my Mom can’t write and I’m feel obliged to push her novel on people. My Mom is actually a damn good writer, having been published in two hard to get in anthologies that the top names of sci-fi and fiction attempted to get in, and ended up named by reviewers as one of the best stories.

Also, if you want to know what it’s like having a Mom who inserts a swear word right in her book title. Well, she’s been working on the book for years, and after editing rough drafts, would give them to my sister and I for drawing paper. When I learned how to read at four or five, she told me I could read what was on the back, but not to ask her any questions about what I read for ten years.

But if you want to actually know about the book, and not me babble about my mom, you should check out the page here.

But yeah. I have the best mom.

And now I know why there was a creepy llama thing on the shelf when we came home from college. Yes. She makes her own covers. That llama in real life stares into your soul. It knows your sins. What you did last night. Last summer.


*More then anything, I think the failure to get published has to do with how damn hard it is to get an agent at her age and her genre, not lack of talent. insert rant about how the currently industry works makes it such that the lack of talent does not equal why you can’t get published influenced by years of going to panels at writing conventions where they talked about how the industry worked because I liked sitting in panels about anything over hanging around my mom when I was 10. I appreciate her now.


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2 responses to “Bastard in the Promise Land in now for sale!

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  2. Just wanted to let you know I finally managed to write a review of Bastard in the Promised Land, even though I actually ordered and read it more than a month ago.

    tl;dr version of my review: the book was really good and totally worth the price.

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