Why would Madoka become a Magical Girl?

After both episode 5 and episode 6, I’ve noticed a lot of people commenting on Madoka not becoming a magical girl. There have been a wide range of comments, from wondering why she hasn’t become a magical girl yet, to wishing that they’d stop drawing it out and she’d just become one already.

Me, I don’t think it’d make sense for her to become a magical girl. At least not at this point.

http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=16619204Even before Mami’s death, Madoka lacked an essential component to becoming a magical girl. She didn’t have wish, a motivation, for which she was willing to throw everything away for. The only reason Madoka was willing to become a magical girl was because Mami made it seen glamerous. Sure, Madoka was being warned that there was a negative side to the profession, but Madoka, like most teenagers, wasn’t taking the warnings seriously. It  looked awesome. Madoka could fight evil and protect the world/those she loved alongside her friends. Look great on college applications, right?

And then. Mami died.  Being a magical girl didn’t seem so appealing anymore. Madoka realizes that Homura’s and Mami’s vague warnings are true about it not being bunnies, sunshine and rainbows. The power of friendship does not triumph in the end.  The good guys actually lose. When they lose, they pay for it with their lives. And then Homura has to explain to Madoka that Mami was no exception, but that death awaits every magical girl, all while Madoka is still traumatized.

It seems the only reason anyone would become a magical girl is if the had something they wanted bad enough to wish for. Sayaka does continue on the path of becoming a magical girl, but unlike Madoka, she has something to throw away her life for. Stupidly and tragically, it’s a boy that treats her garbage.http://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/953504

The further the series progresses, the further I believe Madoka gets from becoming a magical girl. First Mami dies, and Madoka’s basic idealism of a magical girl being fun dies with Msmi. Madoka discovers that all magical girls are meant to die, according to Homura. Then Sayaka takes up the mantel to continue the ideal that Mami fought for of protecting the humans in the city, only to be beaten viciously by Kyouko and nearly killed, all in front of Madoka. Also, Homura tells Madoka that fighting to protect people’s lives the way Sayaka is, is meaningless. Things only get worse as Madoka sees Sayaka starting to becoming as corrupted as the others, straying from her cause, and turn on the other magical girls. (Madoka honestly seems to thing that Mami was pure, and what happened with Homura was a weird fluke.) Then the revelation that becoming a magical girl means losing your soul…

Becoming a magical girl sucks, and with each episode it only gets more and more horrifying. The only reason Madoka would become a magical girl in my opinion is if she had a wish. At this point, Madoka still doesn’t.



Though I don't put it past Madoka to just wish for everyone to get along peacefully.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m starting to think if Homura is a time traveler, she’s only going to find keeping Madoka from becoming a magical girl made things worse. Thanks Homura.


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8 responses to “Why would Madoka become a Magical Girl?

  1. I do want her to become one, but only because I want to see what it’s going to take to finally get her there. Kyubey clearly wants her to contract–what’s so special about Madoka? Why is the creepy little critter so insistent on her? And I’m with you on that last part–it would be so like her to wish for everyone to get along. I don’t think she’ll do that, and I do want to know what her wish can possibly be at this point, but…well, we’ll just have to wait and see, now won’t we?

  2. It’s really too bad she has nothing to wish for….

    It’s also too bad that Mami died. If there were only some way to bring her back to life. You know, like magic, or a miracle, or a wish. Oh well.

  3. Yi

    If I were Madoka now, I wouldn’t become one either, especially after finding out the little detail Kyubey kept from everyone.

    As for Homura being a time traveler… I think that’s actually very possible. She seems to now way more than other mahou shoujo, and knows about Kyubey’s evilness. Her super speed ability might also actually be time manipulation.

  4. Tsukasa

    Her wish could always be something like bringing Mami back to life. Or at least i thought she might do something like that when Mami died; At this point i doubt it’d be that.

  5. asdfghjkl134567890

    if i was madoka one of my wishes would be to have 100 more wishes

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