Shameless Shipping Day 7 Kida x Mikado

So I’m continuing this year the tradition that started at the blog Borderline Hikkomori, and I continued doing over here last year. Except I’m only doing 7 days this as opposed to 14, as, uh, well if you don’t know what last week was like for me by now, I’m not going to spell it out for you. As always, if you’re comment is to tell me how much you hate my ship, I reserve the right to mock you, and will probably block you from my blog.

And here we have the two main boys of Durarara!!

The two are best of friends. After all, Mikado moved just to be closer Kida. Yet, despite the closest of the two, they’re hiding big secrets from each other. And I can’t say more with spoiling anything, and Durarara!! is one of those series that I really want people to go watch.

Why I ship the two is very simple though. They just happen to remind me of my boyfriend and I. Happy Valentine’s Day babe!


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4 responses to “Shameless Shipping Day 7 Kida x Mikado

  1. I greatly enjoy this pairing as well :3

  2. I have a deep resentment of both Kida and Mikado, but as a couple I love them. Of course the best DRRR!! pairing is clearly Shizuo and Izaya, haha. (I have more than 300 pictures of that one.)

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