Thoughts on the making of a Last Exile sequel

First off.

The news of the Last Exile sequel has been out for awhile now. I’ve known about it for awhile now. But I’ve been holding back from saying anything about, I guess because I didn’t want to rain on everyone’s parade. But seeing one blog too many talk about it finally drove me to write it out. (NSFW under the cut)

Once upon a time, GONZO made some excellent anime. This include Last Exile, which I loved. A taste of Last Exile…

Pure freaking awesome.

However, I feel if GONZO were to make Last Exile now, it’d be 90% this, and 10% freaking awesome.

I don’t know. I desperately want it to be good. I really really do. I miss the epic works of the GONZO. Yet at the same time, I feel as if GONZO still had it in them, they will would have proven it already…and they haven’t. They’ve fallen short time and time again.

Although if GONZO’s new stick is to try for a throwback to the glory days, maybe more Dumas adaptions, and let’s have A Man in the Iron Mask anime?


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4 responses to “Thoughts on the making of a Last Exile sequel

  1. Yi

    I’ll still be watching it just because I loved Last Exile. Hopefully, it will actually be as good as the first season.

  2. Joe

    Trying to think of just how they could “improve” on the original series, what loose ends need to be tied, or what new direction they could take the concept in. I don’t know why we need a sequel to LE, but I’d definitely give it a chance if it came around.

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