What did you do to Spyro?

Yesterday, my mom called me attention to an article in USA Today about the new Spyro game. Poor Spyro hasn’t had a good game in years. Yet they refuse to give up on the little dragon. I was having trouble reading the article, as I was little stuck on the picture of Spyro.

Former Spyro

Spyro now.

As I was in the car with the long drive home, I had time to think about it. I mean, Spyro has failed for so long, I guess anything is fair game to try to revive the franchise. I even envisioned myself having a conversation with the developers.

“We want Spyro to appeal to an older age group. So we want him to look tougher.”

“But, but…”

“*double take* Wait! You’re a girl! You’re not even the market who’s suppose to be interest in this game. Go away!”

“Well before you guys got a hold of it, Spyro was gender-netural!”

I’m very aware that as more girls get into gaming, there are a population of males very uncomfortable with girls playing video games. Game companies are attempting to try to make a game that’s essentially a ‘Boy’s Only Clubhouse’ where boys are free from icky girls. It’s never going to happen, although if it did, it’d be a cash cow. Call of Duty was definitely a more masculine game, and manly games are what they’re good at. It seems they’re taking what they’re know is tried and true, and  pumping Spyro full of steroids testosterone.

It’s just…if it were a new game, it’d be one thing. But Spyro is an established franchise.

I think I’m going to just keep playing the PS1 games, kthxbai.


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6 responses to “What did you do to Spyro?

  1. lol, didn’t know they made it this way. 😐

  2. spoofle

    Spyro was one of…nah, I think it may have been THE first game I ever played and completed. I remember how excited I was when my dad brought home a PS1 and I could finally play the dragon game they kept advertising on TV. Many, many good memories. And boy are they fun to replay.

    When I got a hold of the first, extremely buggy PS2 game, I decided to consider only the first 3 games canon. Looking at this monstrosity…I’m going to stick with that.

  3. Coincidentally, I’ve recently gotten into Spyro games again XD I’ve only played a few on GBA, GameCube, and Wii, but they’ve all been pretty fun, so I’d have to disagree that the little dragon hasn’t had any good games in years ^^a I love Enter the Dragonfly, one of the GameCube games, and have been playing it again on a pre-owned copy I got for like, $3. What I really like about this particular one is that the maps are wide and emphasis is on collecting gems and dragonflies while solving puzzles and such rather than combat.

    One of the newer Spyro games I’m playing, Dawn of the Dragon on Wii, is impressing me quite a bit. The graphics are gorgeous and it offers a 2-player tag team option to play as Spyro or Cynder (for 1-player, you can switch between the two and the game will control the other character). There’s a good mix of combat, puzzles solving/exploring, and story/plot in the game…and Spyro can actually fly at anytime XD

    Oh, and that new Spyro is hideous. I don’t think I can bring myself to play that one. That reminds me that Americans seem to have this idea that boys don’t want to play games with cute characters (besides Pokemon). Did you know that they change the box art of Kirby games so Kirby has an angry face rather than a happy one?

    What you said about girls and video games is interesting. In the old days it was believed that video games were for males, and the few games they made for girls were noticeably girly. It’s still considered more geeky for girls to be into video games, but I’ve noticed that games themselves have gotten more gender neutral, with a better variety of playable characters.

    • To each their own. Myself, I really loved the GBA games, but I have yet to see anyone who thinks the same. I know we tried on of the Gamecube games, but found it really hard to maneuver.

      I might check out that game though, hearing a positive review of it.

      It’s really stupid idea, as it seems a lot of guys, although the like tough, also like cute. Stupid stereotypes. Although Kirby…it doesn’t matter what you do with him, he’s cute.

  4. That thing isn’t even Spyro. I feel like a part of my childhood was just raped before my very eyes. What the…just no. I’m with you–I’ll stick with my PS1 originals, thank you. And the one I have for the GBA.

  5. tyhmä kuka tollasen haluu mä en ainekaa ja minä etsin kuvia uuteen jaksoon sarjakuvaan olen suomalainen.

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