If the Rumors About a Second Season of Angel Beats is True…

then there better be more GirlsDeMo. Another CD worth of music would be nice. And if it isn’t asking too much, the story of how they formed would be really really cool.

What am I talking about? Well if what was posted in the recent Megumi magazine is true, Angel Beats will receive a second season. As it already reached the point of no return in the first season, the second season will be a prequel. That means no Yui, no Otonashi, and no good guy Kanade. But it also may develop the minor characters more.

Really, all I want to hope from Angel Beats at this point is more GirlsDeMo. I love their music.


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10 responses to “If the Rumors About a Second Season of Angel Beats is True…

  1. As a colossal Iwasawa fan, I agree with this sentiment. For once, I don’t think I’d care if they messed with canon, as long as we got more of her, GirlDeMo, and their music.

  2. RP

    Hmm, I’m not sure how I feel about an Angel Beats prequel… but I would totally dig more GirlDeMo. I love their songs.

    • To be honest, me either. I really loved the first season, and enjoyed Angel Beats -zero-, but I’m not sure if a prequel could work effectively.

      The one thing I do know for sure is I want more GirlsDeMo.

  3. rrw

    wait, do you have evidence of this megami things?

  4. Awesome, I didn’t know about the rumor =D If it is true, I think it could either be a prequel, a retelling, or possibly a continuation following the that quick OVA of Otonashi staying behind in the purgatory world. I hope it’s one of the latter two though.

    There is a prequel light novel that tells how Yuri and Hinata formed the SSS, learned about Angel, etc., before Otonashi arrived. If it is a prequel, I assume it’ll be based on that story.

  5. I need to watch Angel Beats….in the very near future. It’s planned for after I get through Nabari no Ou, Kuroshitsuji II, and Maburaho.

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