Leisure Suit Larry Part 8: This Cruise is a Bust

Well, last time, Larry went to Russia. This time things might go better for Larry. Might as in probably not. Anyway, what you’re SUPPOSE to do in the bar is go over to the left and grab a complimentary bowl of the wretched spinach dip. Because, you know, I like points.

And then Larry goes to get a haircut with a very familiar guy...



“But, of course, Mister,” says the barber, “I’ve got exactly what you need. Just have a seat in the chair, please.”



“Yes, I have exactly what you need,” he tells you. “It’s all the rage; the latest thing. You see it everywhere these days. In fact, guys make a lot of money with one of these.”


I call it ‘The Jimmy’ model, and I’m sure you’ll like it just fine!”



He places “The Jimmy” carefully on your head.






10K for a wig?


Oh, well, it’s not like it’s my money; why not let those suckers who paid for all those Luck-o-Buck tickets treat me

to a new look!



“I’ll take it.”



The barber bids you farewell with a sweet, “Have a nice day.”

And now I can see myself in the mirror…and I think I’m going to slip this wig into my inner jacket pocket.



“Thanks a lot, but I think I’ll just hang on to this until my cable channel application is approved!”


We’re not enjoying ourselves. This cruise is a total bust. Time to spice things up.


I’m enjoying myself plenty. And this time I haven’t died….yet.








Let’s go bug the captain

Let's make Larry go play with the switch, without the Cap noticing us, otherwise...


What a stick in the mud.

Game over screen

Now you want to exit out the front door, not the back, or...


Through your ineptitude you’ve allowed your Captain to be killed by a KGB poisoned dart. Unbeknown to the passengers and crew the ship now charts its own course, a course (of course) the courses straight for the nearest reef.

Perhaps you’ll miss the reef and miss the grief; save the ship and save the day; perhaps you’ll even escape safely!

Nah, no way!!


We know better.

Game Over Screen


After pressing the fun little switch, let’s go hang out with the life boats. (Yeah, I’m not sure how you’re suppose to know what to do. I’m glad there are walkthroughs.)


So Larry had better stay here. Or…


I have a feeling I’m not going to like this.

Well, you get the idea.




It isn’t my fault, I swear! Someone else is making me do this!

Larry: Oh great, now what I am suppose to do?

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