How’s The Weather?

One question I’ve been hearing a lot over the internet is “Hey Snowpocalyse people, how it’s going? You guys enjoying the weather” Usually from people in California, who are pretty much the only people who didn’t get hit…yeah yeah, I get the point, the weather is nice there. And really things have been alright today. I didn’t live where the blizzard hit, but where the heavy snow hit. Still, this is Ohio. No matter how bad, give us twelve hours of clear skies and we’re functioning again. The college campus is actually clearer then it’s been in weeks. I don’t have to trek through snow to go eat. It’s nice now.

But seriously, before this lovely combination of ice and snow hit, I was sick of snow. In January, we got a taste of what it was like to be warm again, and ever since then, I’ve resented the winter weather. Screw putting on a coat…and a hat…and a scarf…and trudging through dirty never melting snow.

Then this hit. I mean everyone knew what it was coming, but no one knew what to expect. Winter storms are always unpredictable. Things started off gently enough. A fine snow started falling Monday night. Come Tuesday, my morning class was canceled. I went to sleep. When I woke up to go to the meeting where I was asked to leave quietly, or else they would probably find a way to dismiss me for being too much of a liability. By the time that was over with, my campus was closed for the afternoon, and had been closed for the next day. I also had lunch in the dining hall, and that would be my last meal there until Thursday for dinner. In the latter half of Tuesday, ice was falling with the snow, and it felt like hail.

A group of kids on campus took advantage of no class to go play Ultimate. In the falling ice.

Living in a small town, the local Krogers and Walmart was completely wiped out as well. There was a kid lofting around the office with this big-ass bag of peanut M+Ms. When asked, his response was, “This is all they had at Wal-Mart. Their shelves are empty. No eggs. No milk. No bread. All gone. So I got this, two bottles of Mountain Dew, and a poster.” To be blunt, Mountain Dew is all a college kid needs to survive.

On Wednesday, I simply didn’t leave my dorm room. I got sick of noise of ice hitting against my window real fast. And due to my illness and the fact that it flares up due to the weather, I was barely awake for most of it. But I do thank God for Spaggeti-os!

Now it’s all passed and the campus is clear. Mostly. There’s still snow in the parking lot. When I walk to the car, I break through a layer of ice, my feet sink four- or five inches, onto another layer of ice.

In Southern Ohio, where my folks live, they got hit with wind and a thick layer of ice. The tree beside our house was completely uprooted.

So yeah. How’s the weather? Basically, we have a lot of snow, and I really fucking hate the snow.

And we’re suppose to get more Monday and Tuesday.

Go ahead. Ask me again if I’m enjoying the weather.

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