Deal with the Devil?

As this scene unfolded, it seemed very reminiscent of a situation where one makes a deal with the devil. After all, in a way these girls are surrendering their souls for the chance to have their wish come true.

My thought right after was, “When has the devil ever been this cute?”


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6 responses to “Deal with the Devil?

  1. ariannasterling

    Kyubey’s smile honestly gives me the creeps sometimes. He’s adorable, yeah, but it almost seems like he’s smirking more than smiling. In a way, he reminds me of…I can’t remember its name, but one of the characters in Bokurano. If you’ve seen the series, you’ll know who I mean.

  2. With Episode 3, I have some really funny feeling towards the creature. When he comes into contact with a girl, he forces the girl to become a magical girl… only to get killed in the most gruesome way possible. On top of that, he so emotional-less. He doesn’t even move his mouth when he talks or have any fun… so serious compared to the ferret in Nanoha.

    So Kyubei has a deal with the devil… maybe?

    • Episode 4 does not make it any better.

      I don’t think he can make any other face. He’s a very strange take on the mascot concept.

      And I keep hoping there will be a plushie.

      What is wrong with me?

  3. Kingwel

    “I don’t think he can make any other face.”

    Yeah, maybe it’s one of those faces that split from the center and shows 8 scary mouths. Of course the 2 eyes will still be connected, by strange tentacles.

    Best. Mahou Shoujo. Ever.

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