Shows I’m Not Doing First Impressions Of

Remember, there’s some anime airing in February, so we may not be finished yet!

Cardfight!! Vanguard- The only cardgame based anime I plan to watch is one if ever released based on euchre.

I Don’t Like You At Big Brother-If I were to watch this, it would be in secret without anyone knowing. But I don’t really dig incest and I really don’t want to watch this. An anime with an opening scene where the brother wonders whether or not to grope his sister? I can’t help but wonder, did Japan find out America really dislikes incest, and thus the current incest trend?

Also, I will include the review from the Tentacle Consensual Sex Monster because I like it. And it further motivates me not to watch it.

Mitsudomoe 2-Didn’t watch the first season, I don’t like to watch sequels without seeing the first one.

Kimi Ni Todoke second season- I didn’t like the first season enough to watch the second season while it’s airing. If it wraps up the series, or at least has Sawako and Kazehaya become a couple, I might go back and watch it, but not right now.

Starry Sky-Sometimes you know something is crap. Not even Psgels did a first impression of it.

Wandering Son-I am watching this. However, I find that when talking about the topic this anime addressed, being transgendered, is brings out the worse in people. I feel like if I don’t praise this work and say it’s perfect, I’m going to flamed and lectured about not understanding the plight of the transexuals. The better an anime is in my opinion, the more I nitpick it, and things I let slide in lesser animes, I won’t let slide in greater ones. I would have complaints. The first episode…touched me on a personal level, and the way it touched me is so pure and wonderful that I refuse to let anyone of the internet ruin it for me.

However, I would like to direct people to this post over at Kitsune’s Thoughts

Wolverine-I don’t care if it’s suppose to be better then Ironman! I’m still pissed about the tranwreck that was Ironman!


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2 responses to “Shows I’m Not Doing First Impressions Of

  1. ariannasterling

    I’m watching Starry Sky, despite acknowledging that it is crap. Or rather, I watched the first episode and need to get around to the others because I just haven’t thought about it so far.

    Not watching Cardfight, not watching Onii-chan, watching Wandering Son. Not touching Wolverine because as much as I love the Japanese, I do not trust them with my Marvel superheroes. This also applies to Batman even if he’s from DC.

  2. Ricz

    Wolverine – not much better than the first trainwreck, but still convergates to the zero.

    Onii-chan no koto… – I like the mangaka’s style and storylines, when always that shit happens, when the girl founds out, there’s no blood relation, and begin being pushier,,, but still a simply harem though, but at least not with DD cupsizes.

    Wandering Son – watching and quality checking it (the Hungarian releases of R/RFs), a bi dramatic, but have some good characters, just like Chi-chan.

    Mitsudomoe 2 – First season was a bit better, but still makes me laugh sometimes.

    Just as last season, I’m watching at least the half of he animes… even during the exam period…

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