Smoking in College

As you know Bob, but I have to say for anyone coming to this blog for the first time, I go to college in Northern Ohio. I lived in Southern Ohio for the longest time. I am use to Ohio weather. I expect that in January, especially at night, for it to be incredibly cold, and in the single digits. It’s the norm. It’s what we have a reputation for. I’m pretty damn close, it’s 6 degrees, and with the windchill, feels like -6.

I’m finally getting to sit down after having run around and done several things. Turn on my fan, open the air freshener, and employ the emergency inhaler. After all, someone has smoked in the girl’s bathroom, filling the hall with smoke, and getting it in my room.

I don’t look down on people who smoke. Everyone has habits and addictions of somesort. The great thing about cigarettes is everyone are told the risk. Since they’re wee little kids, the fact that they addictive, and hard to quit, as well as many other facts–sadly, schools don’t believe in a fair and balanced education, so they forgot to mention that they’re stress relieving and for many, enjoyable to smoke–so anyone for paid attention in at least one of the many years, the facts are drilled into their about what to expect.

Thus, if anyone becomes a regular smoker in Ohio, they have to realize that will include having to suck up going out in weather so cold that despite bundling up, being outside in the cold for more then 10 minutes results in numbness in various parts of the body. Sure, if someone really wants to be stubborn, they can insist on smoking indoors whenever the craving hits in the dead of winter, but they’re going to be caught and slapped with a fine (state law in Ohio) pretty quickly unless it’s their private residence or another place where it is permitted. This…doesn’t included dorms.

Furthermore, and excuse my language, smoking in the girl’s bathroom is fucking stupid. If I were going to light up in the dorm room, I’d smoke and either open a window and smoke in the direction of the window, or use a ton of air freshener, or a combo. I mean, that’s what my ex-roommate did for her smoking habits for the week and a half I lived with her, and she was never caught during the time I lived in that dorm for the whole first semester.

Meanwhile, a bathroom has no windows, or place for ventilation. If a student smokes in the bathroom, everyone in the hall will know someone smoked in the bathroom. Chances are slim that they’ll like it. Especially when here, the dorms are small, and most people know who the three smokers in the dorm are, so it’s not as if smoking in the bathroom will really hide tracks that well. Tl;dr smoking in the bathroom is more likely to get a student caught.

Of course, smoking in a bathroom and getting smoke in the hallway is unhealthy and inconsiderate. But whoever did it is one of the selfish people that doesn’t care about other people. They probably knew it’d bother other people from the start.

But seriously. If you’re going to smoke in Northern Ohio, be prepared that in November-March, there will be times where, to get you’re fix, you’re going to freeze you’re ass off.


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13 responses to “Smoking in College

  1. cyshtoph

    Sorry, I didn’t read your post yet, I just thought I’d mention that as I was browsing through animenano I noticed your post title and a sudden thought that it’s time to go smoke one crossed my mind. I guess I’ll be back in 10 minutes, then I’m gonna read your post. After all, I got this break thanks to you. ;]


  2. cyshtoph

    Been there, done that, read the post.

    I agree with you about the problem with ignorant smokers. Although I smoke myself, I often found myself irritated when someone smokes where he seriously shouldn’t. I don’t do that myself, even more because it is forbidden in my country since November.
    I have to say though, be glad, that only three persons smoke in your dorm, here at my place it doesn’t look so nice. And so, during last winter holidays me and some other sad little smokers had to go out of pub’s, dorms, clubs to play the stupid ritual, when the temperature was about.. -20 Celsius degrees. 😀 I’d say it was fitting punishment for our stupidity.

    • They actually outlawed it in your country? Though I keep thinking they’ll figure out how to do it here…

      Well, our dorm only has about 15-20 girls? I think it may be lack of girls then lack of smokers…

  3. ariannasterling

    Ohio weather: fun stuff. I love how lately it keeps snowing and then going away, snowing and going away and just repeating that over and over…by the way, I too, live in Northern Ohio. Toledo is about as north as you can get, considering I can cross the street and be in Michigan at my grandma’s house.

    But anyway, smoking. Disgusting habit. My dad goes out to the garage, so it doesn’t bother anyone else. And the three smokers in your dorm are obviously outnumbered, meaning they should go outside to not bother anyone else. Or just not smoke. That’s always a good option.

    • I say I’m a hour away from Toledo right now, but I think I’m actually closer then that. You might actually know where I’m going to college, lol.

      I feel that as long as people know the risks, and are responsible about smoking, then I don’t have a problem with it. Considering the other drugs people do, especially the way people abuse alcohol, it’s not the worse thing people can do to themselves.

      • ariannasterling

        My best guess would be BGSU. But I don’t know what other universities are really in the area, so I could always be wrong.

        I don’t know. I know it’s people’s business what they do to their bodies and all, I’m just very anti-smoking. I’m anti-a lot of things.

  4. Good guess, but wrong. ^^ I actually did consider going there though.

  5. Smoking suck, especially in my first year when I was in NJIT before transferring to another college. When I go outside, many people would smoke and it would suck. Of course I haven’t experience smoke covered bathrooms when I transferred… Actually, only a fraction of the people smoke, so it’s not a big deal. I

    • In Ohio, we have a law that one has to be 10 feet away from the building. Well, only in Columbus I think, but a lot of other places ask that you do that.

      And no one respects that, and no one is going to ask a smoker in the dead of winter to step farther away from the door.

  6. Yi

    I hate people who smoke in public indoor places. It’s so rude to others. Second hand smoke can be a health hazard and it just plain stinks.

    Anyway, I don’t smoke cigarettes myself; I don’t really like the taste and it doesn’t give you a high. So it’s pretty pointless for me.

    Best of luck living in the dorms. ^ ^

  7. I also live in northern ohio, don’t smoke, but see a lot of people struggle with the cold for six months. We all have our vices, but darn, if I did smoke, I’d wish I could turn off the addiction for the cold months.

    There’s always smoking in the car, unless you have to park in BFE.

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