Finally Freezing First Impressions

The only thing that I can think about Freezing is it’s an anime meant to be watched with one hand down your pants. There is a stab at a serious plot but it feels half-hearted compared to work put into the gore and the fanservice—the two are often combined. Within the first episode, there’s the nipple shot when the ‘Untouchable Queen’ is putting on armor. And then she gets a look on her face as if she’s aroused right before she turns and kills a bunch of other girls.

Nothing turns her on like murder. Except guys who think they're her brother.


And then there’s the whole strange vague incest vibe going on. The last time the boy remembers talking to his sister, she was naked. Seriously, how many sisters talk to their brothers naked? In my experience, if a sibling catches a mere glimpse of another sibling of the opposite sex naked, squealing and exclamations of “Gross, put so damn clothes on!”, not a touching goodbye between siblings.

Then when the boy sees a guy he thinks is his sister, he buries his head in her bosom, and we get a close-up up her crouch?

Ooooh, and there's one on the left! I really wanted to meet her too!


Um, I’ll pass. To be fair, I think time and place may I have do with my opinion of the show. I may not be judging it so harshly if my male RA didn’t sit down right next to me while I was halfway through the episode, and had no idea what the end had to bring.

By the way, My RA still likes me. I think.

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2 responses to “Finally Freezing First Impressions

  1. ariannasterling

    My reaction to the first episode of Freezing was: what? And that was my reaction to the second as well. I’m sure the third will keep it up. The only reason I even keep watching is…wait, I don’t think there is a reason. Huh.

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