Level E first impressions

Before we continue, I think two things should be know. First, the guy who wrote Level E wrote Yuyu Hakusho and HunterXHunter. I loved the manga and anime of Yuyu Hakusho back in my younger days up until the end of the Dark Tournament arch. To this day, I have a Yuyu Hakusho poster in my room back home. I especially loved the parts that were more thoughtful and less about the fighting, which were surprisingly plentiful in the beginning of the manga. I also did love the blood and gore, I admit, but I was an angry sixth grader, I think I deserve a little slack there.

As I watched the intro for Level E, I was reminded of another one of my great loves. One of my favorite movies is Men in Black (don’t mention the sequel to me though). The introduction reminded me of the movie so damn much…and at that point, I think I was immediately in love.

So when the actual anime started, I was a little biased. I also don’t think it needed the bias to win itself over to me. It started out seeming like a fun little twist on the idea of boy finds alien girl in his house–boy finds alien guy in his house, and has a much different reaction. On top of that, his reaction is actually semi-realistic to finding someone claiming to be an alien, and then finding weird stuff going down.

Yet when things get serious, everything comes together so well, especially for a first episode. It actually seems this series not only has at the very least decent story, but knows how to execute it. And dang it, the men in black may not actually be here, but the vibe of that movie is strong with this series.

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2 responses to “Level E first impressions

  1. ariannasterling

    Level E has been pretty awesome thus far. The first episode was funny, and the second episode…not as funny, but I do love the plot at this point. As long as it keeps up something of a fair balance there, which I have every confidence it can, I’ll be a happy geek.

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