Cymbalta and Limits

Longtime readers of my blogs will remember me complaining about severe fatigue that ruined my summer and left me unable to blog summer anime, and continued to have spurts of it into the fall that made keeping up with fall anime very difficult. As I’ve mentioned occasionally,  I was diagnosed with a severe form of fibromyalgia over Thanksgiving Break, and then over Christmas Break, was prescribed Cymbalta in an effort to manage the pain. I went from barely being able to go downstairs to the couch to having mostly full mobility function and feeling like a normal person again. I mean, the fibro still flares up, and still have to deal with other problems that result from it, (migraines, a lesser fatigue, etc) but I felt like I could do ANYTHING again. My mom didn’t want me to return to college, but I insisted.

So…lemme see. Tuesday, a snowstorm hit southern Ohio, and I shoveled the drive, injuring my back. Instead of letting the injury heal, I wrestled a cat Wednesday. On Thursday, I worked on hauling luggage all the way to into a car, some of it into a hotel room. Friday, I hauled the luggage out of my car, as well as the contents of my former dorm room, into a new dorm room, including a mini-fridge. All will an unhealed back.

Saturday, my body screamed, “DAMN YOU”  and my fibro flared, giving me pain, a migraine from hell, and a fever.

So I feel better than I actually am. I still need to take it easy, although I can push myself further and do more things. I just have to be really careful about how much physical strain I put on myself.  I’m feeling better today, but I’m still a little fatigued. It’s naptime.


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12 responses to “Cymbalta and Limits

  1. *shakes head* You’re like my mom. She just got out of shoulder surgery. She’s supposed to take it easy.

    Yeah, you can forget the easy part.

  2. That image is made of win. Make sure not to push yourself too much, but keep at it! 🙂

  3. Get well soon! As for me, I haven’t been feeling well for the past week with weight loss among other problems. I suspect that it’s Graves’ Disease since my intake of excess iodine probably caused it… who knows since I haven’t got the blood test back…

  4. ariannasterling

    Take it easy! You don’t want to make things worse by doing too much to yourself.

  5. Wow you had it even worse during that time than I could have imagined =x Can’t offer much other than wishes to get well soon~! and really, don’t strain yourself; my parents drilled in over the years that nothing is worth hurting your health over, and it definitely sounds like you’re pushing the limits a bit Px
    Take it easy~ plenty of time ahead ^o^

  6. Joe

    “Instead of letting the injury heal, I wrestled a cat Wednesday.”

    I don’t know what this means but it made me laugh.

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