Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? first impressions

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? is not pefect. It had a flawed first episode, with several clichés present, a couple things that could have been done better, and a fair amount of fanservice. Yet it was so much fun that I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. After all, there was a chick with a chainsaw. How can you go wrong with a freaking chainsaw?

I really feel for the main character. He’s a zombie with human feelings stuck in a harem setting. Yet, if a human male were a zombie, wouldn’t that mean their penis was no longer capable of working? That would be a sad sad situation to be stuck in, to be a teenage male surrounded by beautiful women and unable to do anything. Not to mention, since he’s immortal, he just gets to enjoy all sots of painful things instead. First he got hits by a truck. Then chopped in half. All in the normal life of being a zombie I suppose.

The best part of the episode for me was the ending where the zombie finds himself in the role of a magical boy…complete with a magical girl outfit. It was so far outside the norm, completely ridiculous, and freaking hilarious.

As I said, the show is flawed. However for me, the sense of fun in the show outweighs the flaws. That, and the actual story of hunting down the one who killed our main hero is semi-interesting to me. I have a bad feeling that this will turn out to have a plotline that makes no sense, but it doesn’t hurt to hope.

She's so short!


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Rabbitpoets enjoyed the first episode, although he isn’t picking up the series


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9 responses to “Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? first impressions

  1. “I have a bad feeling that this will turn out to have a plotline that makes no sense”
    lol that’s what I keep thinking when I read the premise!
    although now that enough ppl have been saying this is funny enough to check out maybe I should look— hopefully it won’t turn out a disaster like MM! did last season >.>

  2. I watched the first episode earlier and fell in love. I’ll be writing a first impressions post to cover a number of series (posting tomorrow, probably) and this will be one of them. I definitely agree on the things said here though 😀

    (And it’s nice to know at least one person will buy my book, haha.)

  3. Guardian

    Am I the only anime fan who hates shows like this? Crappy ‘slapstick’ based on one tired joke with token fanservice? I couldn’t get through 10 minutes of this shit, and I see everyone hailing it as the best anime this season. I’ll avoid this show like the plague this winter.

    • Probably not, I’m sure there’s other people out there who feel the same way.

      Personally, I wouldn’t call it the best anime this season. It’s just fun.

  4. ……………I have a feeling that the smell trick will be used again…its too big of a zombie weakness to not exploit further………………..Inappropriate? I only wish the show was on an hour earlier so that I wouldnt have the experience so fresh in my head when I go to sleep! ……………Yep…I do hope that somewhere they can be original enough so that I no longer can point directly to scenes from zombie movies.

  5. Jackolacking

    care to actually explain what these flaws are?

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