Beelzebub first impressions

So, the popular shounen manga that has been a crappy adaption this season is….

the story of a delinquent boy who is stuck raising the king of hell. Who is still a baby, just one with super human strength and the ability to electrify people when upset.

I mean, from this, I got the sense that the adaption material was probably good. Some of the jokes were funny, and there was a whimsical nonsense vibe to the whole thing that I quite liked.

What many freshman girls in my college are like.

But any quality that may be in the source material did not transfer over to the actual anime. It was terrible. The main issue could be found with the production values. Whoever produced this didn’t know how to direct a show like this to save their life, and it showed.

What all was wrong? I mean, the idea of sticking babies on unwilling parents is amusing in concept, but as we know in American film, it’s hard to pull off. And then when you place shoddy animation, poorly timed jokes, and flat dialogue, it just fails. All the marks of a quality Studio Pierrot shounen anime (frequently mistaken for the quality shounen DEEN anime).

The end result feels like an empty husk of a once funny piece of work. Although one with a cute baby.


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5 responses to “Beelzebub first impressions

  1. I actually liked it. Could it be because I haven’t read the manga? That’s up in the air. But I thought it was hilarious in many aspects, and it feels like it can only get weirder for Oga…

  2. This is on my to watch list for tonight. (This is my night to play catch-up on the currently airing things I want to.) I’ve seen varying opinions, so now I’m confused as to what to think. Well, we’ll see.

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