We are one of the weirdest sub-cultures in Freak Nation!

…sort of. Crushable, a celebrity gossip blog, was taking a look at the book Freak Nation, which talks about 1,000 of the subcultures they deem the strangest in America. Sadly, I am not talking about Ani-Bloggers here, as we’re more global then an American thing. Although the author isn’t completely unaware of the world of American anime culture–cosplayers did make into the book.

Crushable from there chose what they thought were six of the weirdest cultures. One of those was the cartoon porndog, people who are sexually aroused by adult comics and/or erotic cartoons.

Dude, we are so busted.

The biggest error I see here is the idea that the most “cartoon porndogs’ are male. Somehow when the author did her research, she manages to miss the outrageous amount of gay porn out there that is consumed by the female populace. Probably because she didn’t delve too deep. I’m not sure if I understand, or am ashamed that a women who wants to do a field guide on her subjects wasn’t willing to do the full out research. To be honest, a lot of the cartoon porn out there scares me!

I know how to make cartoon horndogs read my post about cartoon horndogs

Still, although I’ve been outed, Ms. Kate has an amusing sense of humor, and my freaky sub-culture gets to also be featured with some other fabulous sub-cultures, such as Rennies, Yarn Bombers, and 501 Legionnaries. I am honored.

From me to you guys.



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4 responses to “We are one of the weirdest sub-cultures in Freak Nation!

  1. I enjoy my freaky sub-culture, thank you very much. Thus why I’m working on writing a proposal for a book on the subject.

  2. dem hipsters.

    Anyway, I don’t see how cartoon porndogs is strange. I think the term “cartoon porndogs” is stranger than being sexually aroused by cartoon porn. It’s just porn… but drawn! What’s so bad about that?

    Was regular porndog in the book? :<

    • To people who don’t watch cartoons/anime on a regular basis, it’s strange. And as there are more of them in the world…

      I remember one of former classmates going on a rant how he thought that being able to get off to a cartoon character is strange…and then I found out a lot of people thought it was strange. Because they’re not real! Which makes no sense to me, as it’s not like there’s any chance of getting with the people you see in “real” porn anyway.

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