Dream Eater Merry First Impressions

Dream Eater Merry appears to me to be an action packed harem series this season. In the first episode there have been at least three characters to be romantic interests with more to come, most likely. Despite that, Dream Eater Merry’s first episode manages to be very interesting thanks to the character of Merry and the nightmarish yet interesting showdown between Merry, the Main, and dreamworld cats.

Our main character is so far a bland barely memorable guy by the name of Fujiwara. He has a power that lets him tell what kind of dreams people are going to have. For this, I feel really bad for him. That has to be one of the lamest super powers I’ve ever heard it. I suppose it’d turn out to be useful, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a terrible power. If I were to wake up with a power, I’d want to turn invisible, or make force fields or something—not be able to tell what dreams people will have that night. Also, does a hot pink aura mean a sex dream?

Merry is the character that really caught my attention. Simply put, she has an awesome outfit. She’s got this really snazzy outer jacket thing that I end up staring at more then her bare mid-drift. A hat can either be silly, or a lovely accent, and in this case, Merry’s hat is a spot on accent. Besides that, she is just so much more interesting then the main character. Merry, being supernatural, isn’t a typical girl, and has a plethora of entertaining facial expressions. By the end of the episode, she has become a sympathetic character, with her desperation to get back to the dream world.

The stand out part of the episode is when an evil gang of cats and their leader try to get from the dream world into the real world, and a showdown ensues. A downright scary showdown. Complete with floating fishheads and nightmare fuel kitties. The conclusion is actually a disappoint with Merry just beating him up, and that being it, as the set-up of the scene itself was so damn great.

A cat can be scary too

Whether the series will be good or not is hard to tell. J.C. Staff is quite quite capable of taking fantastic material and completely mucking it up. My biggest fear right now is that the series will be bogged down by fanservice and pointless filler with brilliant moments here and there, but we’ll see.

And then you'll die and that will last forever.

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