I’m old now

As of today, I am 19. By anime standards, I’m super old, and in danger of losing my hotness state. But as I haven’t been in high school for half a year now, I think it may have already left me.

Still, Happy Birthday to Me. 🙂


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16 responses to “I’m old now

  1. Happy birthday~! Nineteen doesn’t even sound old to me anymore (I’ll be 25 in about two months). I used to wonder that, if I grew older, I would still like anime characters even though most of my favorites are younger than me. So far I still do XD

    Cute Driftloon pic too.

    • I still do too! Although I wasn’t too interested in Summer/Winter season, but I think that was due to being sick. As I’m getting better, I’m watching more anime again!

  2. Ruby

    *Gives Janette a DQ icecream cake*
    Happy birthday!!! <33 your older than me! 😮 haha 19 isn't old at all, when you hit the 20s thats when you should feel old, just one more year away xD

    • Ohmygosh, I’ve always wanted an ice cream cake. 😀 Having a winter birthday, and a twin sister that hates ice cream, it’s never happened.

      *pouts* Alright, I’ll complain then.

  3. Happy Birthday Janette… and don’t worry, age means wisdom… thus I am really old since I’m 21 even though I don’t look like it.

  4. Happy Birthday~!
    Please, you’re still a teenager, not old not old at all! At least make it to twenty before you start complaining about oldness like I do XD

  5. happy birthday!

    I have a friend who’s birthday was January 6th, and I told her I’d remember it because it’s Epiphany. And then I thought to myself, “What am I talking about? I’m not Catholic; I don’t celebrate Epiphany; I’m never going to remember that.” And I’m probably right; I probably won’t ever remember it.

    this is all to say that I was going to say to you, “Your birthday is two days after Epiphany and that’s how I’ll be able to remember it in the future!” …but, well… I doubt that’s going to happen. Sorry in advance?? ^_^;;;

    anyway, happy birthday.

    PS: I echo what the other comments have said about your age: you’re not old! (and though I’ve never seen you, I have no doubt you’re still hot.)

    • Hahahaha, it’s okay. We celebrate Epiphany just because my mom likes Christmas that much, even though we’re not catholic.

      And thank you. As long as someone still thinks I’m hot, I’m still good.

  6. Ricz

    Happy Birthday! I’m 20 but already behaving sometimes a 70-year-old man. 😀

  7. Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! It’s very nice of you all!

  8. pp

    Happy birthday! 19 ain’t old at all.. wait till you break the two zero barrier ~_~

  9. Huh. Happy Birthday to ya. You’re inching closer and closer to adulthood. I think.

  10. Joe

    You’re probably sick to death of hearing people say how young you really are, so I’ll just say enjoy this time for what it is. And at least you’re not 20!

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