Rio Rainbow Gate First Impressions

I’m going to be honest…I’m trying a new anti-depressant medication to help with the fibromyalgia, and I haven’t adjusted to it yet, so when I watched this, I was essentially Lucy in the Sky. Now, I’d never advocate drugs, especially in the case of watching anime, but when watching it, it doesn’t…hurt. To be blunt, Rio is bad. It spends a lot of time in ‘What the frick land’ and is mostly so bad it’s awesome. There are moments of it being painful to watch, but mostly it’s like those campy sci-fi movies that are terrible and fab all at once.

But then you'll die.

I wonder if the Xebec staff took a look at this and went, “Screw it. When we try, we still don’t have the resources to make a good anime, and we don’t even have a source material to adapt this from. Let’s put all out energy into making this as bad as possible, as see what happens.”


There's nothing hotter then a little girl who has no qualms with sticking her head right under a sexy women's crouch!

I love how the old guy just let’s his kid run around the casino. “Sure granddaughter, run around all you want! I don’t mind! Even though this is a huge area, after all, everyone who is a casino is a nice trustworthy person who won’t hurt you.” Maybe he’s just a figment of her imagination, and she’s really here all alone. That makes more sense then an adult that irresponsible. Then again…it is anime. Irresponsible adults are the norm.


His monocle is pretty cool though. I'm digging that.

To be honest, I’m not sure if this is a casino city, or a t+a city. I mean, sure, we see some casino stuff, but we see bouncing boobies and butt shots a lot lot more. These are the type that doesn’t really do anything for me though.

But you still makes me glad I got that hysterectomy!

And in t+a city is the goddess of fortune, Rio. After all, she gets the most close-ups on her butt, and her boobs are far more bouncy then anyone else’s.


The men here wear mascara.

And there are just other bits of craziness in here. A man who decides to steal a little girl stuff animal because he collects them. Rio kicking several grown men’s butts while in a maids outfit. A man who decides to bet on whether he’ll spend the rest of his life with another girl, which you know is a great way to decide such things. The line, “The goddess kiss inspired the ball!” Becoming one with the game. Every time I think it’s topped itself, it turns around and tops itself again.


This whole thing was the whole heart of the cards concept on acid.

It’s just….bad and ridiculous beyond belief. I really don’t know how to summarize this. Even when I’ve finished watching it, I’m not quite sure what I just watched.

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Scamp also thought it was so bad it was awesome, but he also seemed too preoccupied with shininess.

Psgels was underwhelmed. He only thought it was so bad it was good.


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9 responses to “Rio Rainbow Gate First Impressions

  1. Not sure I really want to watch this since it’s just bad. From the analysis, it gave me the impression that the series would be in the So bad it’s good land.

    Nevertheless, this show makes MM!! look so normal imo.

  2. Well that does it. I’m sold. I’m going to watch this apparent tremendous train wreck.

  3. Ricz

    IMO I would rather watch Cardcaptor Sakura with bantu dub. This episode was awful. If a woman would exist, that bring this much luck, then I would chain her to my side… at least for the exam period…

  4. I’m watching it solely because it sucks.

  5. The only good thing was Rio. She…she was hot. And the animation isn’t too bad either. Outside of that, nothing made sense. At all. I had to laugh at the reasoning as to why a teddy bear needed to be stolen. This is definitely an ep that one would probably think is the greatest if they’re drunk.

    Anyways, I’m going to try and watch Ep 2 and see if they can rescue themselves. It’s not likely, but I’mma try!

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