Leisure Suit Larry Part 7: White Suited Capitalist Swine

I guess I should stop killing Larry, and actually get to doing what we’re here to do at the pool. There’s on item we need to get at the pool, but it’s an essential item for beating the game. And it’s in the pool. So Larry, time to go swimming.

And then we get a game over screen.





Of course I can swim! Who do you think I am?






Because you didn’t tell me to.



Yeah, it’s not enough to push Larry into the water. You actually have to type in the command to swim, or he won’t. Yes, this defies the logic of human survival, but as you should know by now, Larry lacks the needed instincts to survive.


So we'll tell Larry to swim, take a deep breath, and then dive.


Yes, it's the top of a woman's two piece. Yes, this is the item we need. Yes, we will sink to lower depths before this game is over.

After this, we have other strange errands to do. But we can’t do them while Larry in his swimsuit. For some reason, all other establishments on the ship aren’t too keen on Larry in his swimsuit, and turn him away.



It is strange! Me in a swimsuit would bring the women in flocks.



Of course it would. So Larry needs to go back to his room to change into his suit, then leave. However, if Larry has been too slow, the game will announce it’s nighttime, and Larry will go to sleep. Also, if Larry sits on the bed, Larry will go to sleep. This is not good. Observe.

Shoooot, an’ he was such a cute’n, too!” She moans.



That makes it sound like it isn’t the first time.



Too bad, Larry, but it seems your bed just isn’t the place to be, if you want to be alone.

After changing, we’ll take Larry to the restaurant at the top of the ship.

Nothing brings the ladies quite like seeing a stud like me drinking all by himself at a bar!


“But of course,” he replies, “allow me to fix you the speciality of the house…”



“Extra pineapple.”



“No problem,” he says. “Somehow, I would have guessed that!”



“Here’s to ya” said to no one in particular


“Ah, ha! I gotcha, you Vicious Devil-Enemy of the People!!” cries the bartender, subtlety revealing himself as a member of the KGB. “How’s that for ‘extra pineapple,’ you sap?”


The bartender’s mickey has the desired effect upon your central nervous system. You give the KGB no problems during transit to their local headquarters. We’ll drop by there, just to see how you and they are getting along…

Next time: We will actually progress in this game and finish doing errands on the ship.



Want a Larry of your own to Torture? Click on the picture below for one option to buy the Leisure Suit Larry games.


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