Leisure Suit Larry Part 6 Dying By The Poolside

Thank you Crimson-penguin for an Etna that I don’t have to resize twice to scale to Larry! Extra points for the face of apathy while I torture Larry. Although in truth, I don’t think Larry dying is boring. I think it’s hilarious. But for now, let’s get Larry to pool. First he needs to go back to his room to change.

You’re right! This IS a good place to change!



….sometimes it’s better if you just don’t talk. Just get to the pool dammit.



The description just says something about the pool being refreshing.

Here’s the pool. Remember before going out to play, put on the sunscreen. Otherwise, interesting things happen. Like so.



Game Over



So yeah. Don’t forget the sunscreen.


Hmmm...Who's This?

“Why hello there, big fella,” says the beautiful blond with the body like a brick shipyard, “why are you hanging around here? I’ve been looking for someone just like you for a long time. Why don’t you come back to my place, and you won’t have to hang around all alone ever again.”


Geez Larry. You found yourself a live one!



Come on Samson, I can’t wait to get you alone!



Wait? An attractive women that WANTS Larry? Something is dreadfully wrong. I think we should ignore



Hell no!



You’re saying no to me? Why, I’ll-



I’m coming honey!



Later that night…

“You just wait on the bed while I slip something on” she says with a smile.




Perhaps if things go well tonight, I could her a subscription to ‘Popular Mechanics!’




“Hey baby! What a great and kinky bed.”


Hey! What’s going on here? Get these ankle cuffs off me! And, why the handcuffs?”



Oh, I’m just into mechanical devices,” she replies with a smile. “Hold still, darling, this will only take a second.”


Why does that look like hydrofluoric acid below me?”




I warned him. Looks like we gotta restore Larry again.

Well, that was a disappointment.

Oh, that’s nothing. Wait until we discuss you defying orders.

Anyway, that’s enough killing Larry for one day.


Want a Larry of your own to Torture? Click on the picture below for one option to buy the Leisure Suit Larry games.

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