Why I Am Adding Amazon Associates to the reviews at Black and Blue Socks

It’s not about money. I’m very use to not having money, and living on minimum expense as possible. A semester on campus without income from your folks and no jobs on campus will do that. Extra money would be nice, but I’m not expecting any.

Rather, it’ about offering access. Someone for example asked me where they could find Leisure Suit Larry, and while I could describe, it’s much easier to be able to insert something right in my posts. The links that Amazon offers for the Associates program organizes the information about it much better then I could.

On top of that, I can remember countless times I’ve seen a movie or book or something else that’s struck my fancy and I’ve wanted to check out, just to forget about it. This way, the option is there to go to Amazon and add it to their wishlist. As Amazon has worked to make their wishlist universal, Amazon has turned into my dump place for items of interest for me.

This way, if an item I appeal interests someone else, they can get right to it instead of having to store it in the back of their minds.

That is my level of reasoning with this. I understand that a lot of people look down on bloggers who do this, but dangit, if it helps my viewers in some way, I’m going to do it.


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One response to “Why I Am Adding Amazon Associates to the reviews at Black and Blue Socks

  1. Now here’s an amusing concept I haven’t heard of… I wonder if they also do this for their DVD packs and mangas, the aniblogosphere would have a blast with ‘associate reviewing’ that option xD

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