12 Days of Christmas Day 1: Marvel Comics Failed in the World of Anime

In 2010, the thing I was anticipating the most was the appearance of Marvel anime. The Spring and Summer brought Heroman from the studio Bones, with influence from Stan Lee, and then Iron Man from Madhouse in the Fall. Wolverine is also suppose to be airing sometimes in 2011, but I’m not sure anyone is really that excited anymore…considering that both Heroman and Iron Man, two attempts by two different studios, were flops.

Heroman: What’s really painful about Heroman is it could have been amazing. There were flashes of brilliance within the series. In the end, I think what really hurt the series was it lacked any real heart and passion. And that’s what the series dearly dearly needed. Although, if Psy had been the hero instead, or even had more screentime, I think that would have helped a lot.

This never gets old to me.

Ironman: Red Alert or not Red Alert, this is still a moment of “WHAT THE HELL MADHOUSE?” You have access to one of the most successful superhero franchises in America, and make a craptastic excuse of an anime. I could even stretch and say Ironman’s first episode had a blatant message for any superhero fan watching. “Just because you Americas like it, we don’t give a crap about this, we’ll just make a craptastic anime for you, and know you suckers will buy it anyway.” If I were their marketing department, I’d be kicking their butt for screwing this up right now.  Heroman is a lot less of a letdown then this was.


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4 responses to “12 Days of Christmas Day 1: Marvel Comics Failed in the World of Anime

  1. Ricz

    And suckers do buy crap material. The Hungarian Animax channel had announced that all 4 Marvel anime’s licence had been bought and will be broadcasted (hundub). This contains Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Man, and Blade. I already hear children crying from mindrape what Iron Man anime causes…

    And yes, children. Unfortunately the Hungarian media is in dipshit. Not just the new law, why does the EU hopping like a mad men (and seriously: they are right), but also those moments why I like shops. I saw the Death Note and Ghost Hunt right next to My little pony, and Thomas with a “Comedy” label… and not just in one store, it’s all over the country. Some are in rage, some are crying from utter sadness…

    • Sadly, that is true. Those poor children.

      At least Death Note and Ghost Hunt is better then Ironman was. That use to be quite the problem in America about 10-20 years ago, although instead of Death Note and Ghost Hunt, it was actual hentai next to My Little Pony. My library STILL has a problem with that. In the end, you can’t trust stuff to be censored for your kids…it’s always best to do a quick check and see what your showing your kids.

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  3. Ricz

    At least Slovakia (our nothern neighbouring country) don’t have such problems. They not even heard from anime in the popular media, not even classic ones. When I heard that from a friend, I was surprised because it’s somewhat unusual. Those, who are watching anime from Slovakia, they only know it through the internet. A neighbouring country, and resembling like an other planet…

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