Leisure Suit Larry part 5: Meeting Mama

So here we return to good ole Larry…orginally, this was a longer update, but wordpress lost it, and I went ‘forget this, I want to get something up, I can put the next part in the next update.’

“Ok, you just made it! Let’s take a look at that passport first.”

“Whew, nice photo,” he says sarcastically.

“To be fair, he never looks good.”

Now let’s see if your ticket is in order…

“ah, geesh, another freebie! When are those  suits in market gonna realize these boats don’t sail on wind power any more! Oops, I’m sorry; it’s not your fault.

You can refund a whole cruise ship full  of people as well as covering their travel expenses, you can give Larry his cruise without complaining.

Regaining his composure, he continues, “your cabin will be on Deck F, cabin number 1. That’ll be all the way below decks, and to the rear. This will give you an excellent opportunity to hear all the subtle inflections of our diesels.”

In other words, it sucks. And cut scene time!


Look at 'em blue highlights and purple tips. Now you don't get graphics like THAT these days.

Given that there's a whole Larry series...outlook not good.

Welcome to the U.S.S. Hot Tub, our home for awhile.

Description: No one on "The Dating Connection" promised you a deluxe cabin. In fact, this is surely "un-luxe!" Located at the rear of the ship's lowest deck, the noise from the engine compartment is deafening.

And then on the other side of the door…

“Well, well, well;what have we here?”

“Why, I do believe it’s that darling young man that my daughter won on TV!”

(Good lord! She’s Bachelorette Barbara’s mother!)

“Poor little Barbie got to feeling poorly just as the cruise was about to start, so I decided to ‘borrow’ her ticket and come along instead.”

(Mind starts envisioning paradise lost)

“I hope you don’t mind: I convinced the purser that it was in his best interests to assign us to adjoining cabins! I’m sure I can make your voyage enjoyable!”

“I really want to get to ‘know’ you (if you get my drift). After I saw you win that Lottery show, I thought you were just about the cutest thing I’d ever seen.”

“Except for my Mister, of course (may he rest in peace). He was a good man, and usually quite sturdy, but one day his heart just couldn’t take it any more!””

I wonder why it is necessary for me to learn this.

Honey, any time you want to come over and see Momma, you just feel free to pop on through that doorway, ya hear?

She attempts to give you a girlish smile. She fails.

I want to get a better idea who we’re dealing with. Let’s look at Mama.

Must we? Oh, Okay.

I like women. This time, I’ll make an exception.

Let’s see what happens when we get close to Mama!


However, we do need something from Mama’s room. After meeting Mama, Larry can go to his room, leave his room, reenter his room, and then reenter Mama’s room. She won’t be there. Larry needs to be quick though. Mama can come back at any time.

In Mama’s drawer, there’s a sewing kit we want.  After that, I think it’s time to get Larry to go swimming. That’s what a cruise is for, right?

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