12 Days of Christmas Day 10: Exploring Innoventive Video Game Worlds

When Nintendo finally finished and decided to release Kirby’s Epic Yarn, I was pretty excited. Kirby is one of my favorite Nintendo character’s, and a new game was definitely welcome. That said, I didn’t have high expectations. With the strange fabric like graphics, and upon learning that Kirby no longer sucked, I didn’t know WHAT to expect. I really enjoyed Canvas Curse,  the last truly innovative Kirby game, but it also had some flaws in the game mechanics.

I was delighted when I first started playing, but now that I’m halfway through the game, I’m glad to see that the word ‘Epic’ deserves to be in the title. At the least, it’s the most creative game I’ve seen on the Wii in a LONG time. I also played one of the most creative games on the Gamecube, Pikmin.

This is where being a writer can be frustrating as I can’t put into words how much of a joy it is for me to play. Each stage has a lot of thought and has a ton of Easter Eggs and little touches. As each stage has it’s own theme, no two are the same, or even feel similar.

On top of that, each stage has so much to interact with, and there’s constantly new things for me to discover. Every time I play feels like a new adventure of wonders and delights to find. The whole thing is also beautiful.

It kinda reminds me of another game I played over the Summer. Pikmin, where the player plays Olimar, and attempts to get out of a strange alien planet in 30 days.  Over the 30 days, the player slowly learn about the planet the Pikmin are on, and many mysteries are revealed. The world of the Pikmin is also wonderfully enchanting, with strange creatures and beautiful landscapes.

It’s been a good year for Video Games.

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