12 Days of Christmas Day 9: Penguins are Awesome Dood

When I recieved Disgaea DS, it was around March or April from my favorite game store, our local Game Crazy. It was one of the many games I got from them as the time due to the fact they were having a ‘Going Out of Business’ sale. The loss weighed heavily on me then, and it still does. In small towns where business owners get to know everyone, especially when they’re a small store, and you visit them every week, happens.

It wasn’t until August that I would play the game. I was very nervous about whether I’d like it or not. When I booted up my DS and saw next to the Disgaea DS the picture of what looked like a penguin playing a DS, I was in love.


Not they were penguins. Instead, they were called Prinnies. They were demonic penguins with peg legs. The souls of human who had sinned in a past life were trapped within them. They exploded when thrown. And are prone to dancing. Also, they are tortured endlessly and worked mercilessly by Etna. The best part is the end every sentence with dood.

But they’re close enough to penguins. It helps to understand that since second grade, I have had a crazy obsession with penguins that has stayed with me, and not helped by the fantastic exhibit at the Newport Aquarium. At the Newport, the keepers walked the baby penguins around in the morning and had a show where the people could see them without glass to help socialize the baby penguins. Someone like that is something a girl never forgets. Now in my dorm room at college, I live in the smallest single in the universe and have a penguin collection on my wardrobe.

So it’s no surprise that Disgaea turned into my favorite tactical rpg. Even if Disgaea DS is suppose to be the lesser version. 90% of that is probably because of Prinnies. Before this year, I never knew what these guys where, and now, I’m glad I do. Because they’re awesome, and they make me smile dood.


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2 responses to “12 Days of Christmas Day 9: Penguins are Awesome Dood

  1. ariannasterling

    That sounds awesome, because penguins pwn. (<–There's my poor grammar allowance for the day.)

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