Leisure Suit Larry Part 4: Long-Butt Cut Scene

Did you really think that I was done with Larry? Naaaah. I just had school. Also, taking a step back to try to think about how I want to improve these things. For further reference…

The Etna Sprite will refer to my commentary, outside of captions on screenshots. It’s a parallel. Etna enjoys torturing Prinnies for her amusement, and I enjoy torturing Larry in a similar matter. Now let’s begin.

Larry doesn't run on food and water like the rest of us. He runs on hot babes.

Just because he took Spanish in High School doesn't mean he passed...

Or maybe that's how they like it in Spain?

I think in truth, Larry's shocked a women is talking back to him.

Blah blah blah, besides being the whole point of the plot, who cares?

How can he tell she wants him to take it, and you know, not show it to him? Logic error!

And then Larry just leaves. Without even trying for a quickie. Come on Larry, for a sex obsessed man…though to be fair, maybe he just doesn’t know how to say “Quickie” in Spanish.

Larry is easy distracted

So easily, it's amazing he hasn't died more yet.

We'll have to change that.

I dunno. Maybe the competent guy who was suppose to get the package?

So yes. Our fellow loser has ended up with a package that he wasn’t suppose to have, and has no idea what it contains. After this point, the game changes. Larry will now die A LOT. And I will try to make sure that we get to witness as many of those deaths as possible. Some of them will happen by accident, some by purpose, and I’m sure I will miss some. It’s kinda ridiculous. The game goes from it being impossible to kill Larry to it being impossible not to kill him.


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2 responses to “Leisure Suit Larry Part 4: Long-Butt Cut Scene

  1. ariannasterling

    This sounds absolutely brilliant (read: hilarious). What is this and where can I find it?

    • Oh, this is Leisure Suit Larry 2. The first Leisure Suit Larry game, Leisure Suit Larry and the Lounge Lizards, it where you should start, and it was worth the play through. So fun.

      All 5 of the Leisure Suit Larry Games are available in a Complete Edition for around $12, so I’d recommend that. I’m wary after the way EA revamped Space Quest, so I’m trying to pirate the games in original game play condition right now.

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