12 Days of Christmas: Day 5 Nozomi Watches Over Us

A division of Right Stuff, Nozomi entertainment  jumped on the streaming anime bandwagon to do it actually right. By right, they hadn’t region locked the anime they were streaming, so I could enjoy watching it guilt free. Since the channel has been up, they’ve been streaming various animes they have for sale, and covering a wide variety of genres. So far, there’s been The Irresponsible Captain Tyler (older sci-fi anime), Ninja Nonsense (comedy), Boogiepop Phantom (supernatural/horror), Maria Watches Over Us (shoujo), Rental Magica (fantasy) and Junjo Romantica (Boy Love). A decent spread, I feel. I’ve missed most of it, although if I really wanted to, I could watch Junjo Romantica. One I did manage to watch most of was Maria Watches Over Us.

Maria Watches Over Us might be thought of as the Pride and Prejudice of anime, with lesbian undertones thrown in. On the surface, there are girls being sweet and polite to each. Not much actual action happens. Everything of importance happens through dialogue and subtle actions. Yet there is so much drama and tension underneath the surface that is constantly brewing between each others, what with hidden secrets and miscommunications that occur. I’m not sure an anime nails the trials of close friendship, and sheds light on the fact that trying to main a relationship with a close friend isn’t always easy. In truth, no relationship is really easy, and our main character comes to realize that. Humans are confusing creatures, especially the ones in Maria.

I wasn’t able to finish Maria Watches Over Us due to falling in the rabbit hole of finals, and when I emerged, the next episodes were no longer available to be watched. I’ll rectify that somehow. I’d definitely like to buy the series, and I feel it would be worth the purchase.

As for Nozomi…well, Junjo may not be my thing, but I can’t wait to see what they’ll do in the coming year.

For the curious, their youtube channel can be found here. http://www.youtube.com/nozomient I’m a subscriber!



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6 responses to “12 Days of Christmas: Day 5 Nozomi Watches Over Us

  1. Nozomi has also license rescued Revolutionary Girl Utena (and will be using the remastered version for release!); for that alone, it deserves my eternal gratitude.

  2. If not for the fact that Youtube takes forever to load things on my laptop, I would take full advantage of this. But it’s still a great move for them to have taken!

  3. Yi

    Marimite is definitely something worth purchasing. It’s such a lovely delicate show on relationships.

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