12 Days of Christmas Day 2: Angel Beats Theme

Stupid WordPress, thanks for not posting. Anyway Day 2 brings up to my favorite theme song of 2010, from Angel Beats! I doubt this will be the last time Angel Beats makes this list either, although I myself don’t know right now.

Angel Beats! was without a doubt a trainwreck of an anime, but it was an awesome trainwreck. One thing that I really liked about it was the opening theme. In the song alone, rather then doing the usual method of going with typical over-hyper J-Pop, it felt liked the actually tried with the Angel Beats! theme song to make it fit into the theme of the show. The song itself is a little more mellow, and downright beautiful. More then that, the song touches me on an emotional level–describing when music alone touches you is a difficult thing to put into description but this song does.

On top of that, the great song is paired off with some beautiful animation. The OP starts with Kanade playing on the piano, and then moves on to introduce all the main characters in the show. Each opening animation also included a montage from the upcoming episode that made it seem more intense and awesome then it really was. It ends with the sun setting, and Yuri staring up at the stars, while Kande continues to play the piano, and then it fades out.

Angel Beats! OP reached a level of quality that was a real treat rarely seen in OP.


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4 responses to “12 Days of Christmas Day 2: Angel Beats Theme

  1. RP

    Yep, gotta agree about the AB OP. This was one of the few that I rarely skipped because I loved listening to it/watching it.

  2. Oh good, you posted the version with Iwasawa. ^_^;

    Even the instrumental version of this song is nice. I like the rock version as well, although I don’t think it would’ve fit as the OP outside of episode 4. Still, it’s good for certain moods.

  3. I agree, the music was excellent in Angel Beats. There is no denying that the music is on par of Key’s past works. With Lia, Tada Aoi and Jun Maeda, you can ensure that the song would be good… maybe not Girls Dead Monster, but whatever.

  4. I agree. The OP is absolutely beautiful both for the eyes and for the ears. If they had gone with the hyper-J-pop OPs like most other shows it would take away from the anime. Listening to My Soul , your Beats! as the anime continued actually added more to the emotion of the entire anime. Now that AB! is done (well, at least season 1), listening to the song just brings back all memories of the scenes, whether they were emotional or comedic.

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