I miss anime. This is what I get for taking academically rigorous classes. And yes, I will be doing the 12 days of Christmas. Hopefully. I have 17 pages to write before the end of the semester. Also, a reminder everyone…


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5 responses to “Update

  1. Even though I manage to fit 26 post for this month, yes… it’s getting a bit busier since I have finals coming up. My subjects aren’t two hard except Intermediate Accounting I and Cost and Quality Management, which is subjects I have to study hard for… Hopefully it will be good in the end…

  2. Yi

    Good luck managing your hobbies and real life stuff. ^ ^

  3. I have been trying to update my site, but with finals comming up that after this semester I am graduating with my Bachelors and I will be out of a job in Janurary, I had to cut back on blogging a bit.

    But I know that I will have alot of catching up to do once winter break starts. Good luck with your finals!!!!!

  4. Ricz

    Have luck! When you will writing those pages, I will learning to my semester-ending exams. I will have 5 of those in a row >_>

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