Leisure Suit Larry 2 Part 3: I Finally Killed Larry!

On thing that’s been bothering me is my inability to kill Larry. I’ve been using a guide and all, but come-on. In the first game, you could kill Larry by just walking out into the street. So that was the first thing you could do! Not much later, he could die by flushing the toilet! Yet in the sequel, Larry does whatever he wants, and doesn’t die. As of now, this has changed.

Anywho, this update pretty much covers everything that happens until a lengthy cut scene that introduces us to the dramatic part of the story.

Anywho, where we last left off, we had just won a ton of money, and I failed to score.  I don’t know what you guys do when you’ve been rejected, but I go shopping.

This looks like a good place to start

This looks like a good place to start

And a women clerk!


Oddly enough, the game provides the same caption. After having been rejected a second time, I turn to shopping! At least shopping won’t break my heart! Well, the swimsuits are the only thing here we can afford (in the the discount section). Larry, having impeccable taste as always, gets a, uh, the game describes it as a blue bikini that’s rather tight. Yeah. Sorry to put that image in all your heads. Initially, despite having the money and all, I try to shoplift it. After all, who in their right mind pays $10,000 for a swimsuit? Especially to a clerk that just shot you down?

On the other hand, it’s the only shop in town that can cash an one million dollar bill.

From here, Larry and I did boring stuff. I saw a jogger worth one point, and the game reminded me to go and exercise. Some things don’t change. I went to the drugstore and bought sunscreen for the upcoming cruise, where as hard as I tried, could find nothing interesting in there. The clerk is a guy. That should explain how boring the store is. I couldn’t shoplift from him because he was “too nice”.

By the way, sunscreen does nothing in the Caribbean. I’m speaking from first hand experience.  But if I don’t buy it, I won’t be able to progress.

What now. How about another item I have to get or I won’t progress?

We're gonna get that drink

Get on with it already.

After this, we get a scene of Larry sticking the huge cup into his little pocket. I wish I had a gif of it.

And now, the moment we’ve been waiting for. I try to save a few bucks and shoplift the drink.

As bad a pun as it is, I thought it was funny. Tee hee, Coke Sucker...

Yep. We killed Larry. 😀 This is pretty much the only way to kill him before the plot gets started, but I was satisfied to finally have killed him. Larry…I guess he’s just universally repulsive to females. I can only stick with him so long til I start wondering how to kill him…

Restart game, back to collecting things. Now we have to retrieve Larry’s passport from the girl from the beginning of the game’s trash. Her trash wasn’t out before, yet it is now. How the heck would anyone know that? Who would want to return to her place in the first place? On top of that, one has to ask Larry to dig through the trash twice. I’d like to think I’m pretty smart, but how would I complete this without a guide?

After that, I took Larry to get a haircut. Not that I think much can be done for him…

This was a really funny scene, but I failed to screenshot the best parts. Needless to say, the haircut does nothing for Larry but costs him money.

There is one more place to go. The now opened music shop. However, to go there with trigger a really long cut scene that I’ll save for next time.

Gah, I’m actually really glad this part is over. It was really annoying, especially as I didn’t have a shopping list, and had to rely on the guide. Some items were ridiculous. For example, the sunscreen? It’s not even listed in the drugstore’s inventory! How are you suppose to know to buy it? Jeez Sierra. I bet your whole marketing idea was to make what you needed to do so vague and confusing, you made more money off the tip line and tip books then the game itself.

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One response to “Leisure Suit Larry 2 Part 3: I Finally Killed Larry!

  1. Ricz

    When I was a child, at the age of 5-7, I was playing mostly with the 6th game (Land of the Lounge Lizards)… I remember I was turning the pages all over the dictionary to understand something 😀 That’s how I learned English XD

    A funny little classic game, not like nowadays so called erotic RPGs, like Lula and so on… that makes men impotent…

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